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Booking & Payments

Why work with me?

I’m a professional photographer with years of experience. Glamour photography is not just my work – it’s my life and passion. With every photo, I focus on capturing your beauty and making you look and feel seductive and sexy.

How much do you charge?

I offer three standard packages for both studio and outdoor photoshoots, which can be found here. The prices for unique locations, as well as for other extras, are quoted individually.

Can I hire you for a photoshoot on my own location?

Yes – for the cost, please enquire using this page.

How to Book a Shoot?

Visit this page to book an appointment for a studio or outdoor photoshoot. All other appointments require contacting me for a quote.

Do I need to pay anything upfront?

Yes, I charge 30% of the final price upfront upon booking confirmation

How early should I book the photoshoot?

The earlier you book, the better. Generally, it takes at least a few weeks to prepare for a photoshoot. In the end, you want to look your absolute best in the photos, don’t you? Because of that, unless you’ve already selected all your outfits and have everything else ready, it is best to book as soon as you know that you want to get the photos. Booking earlier gives us more time to discuss all the details of your photoshoot – and makes the preparation process much easier for both of us.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of my work, I can’t offer any money-back guarantees. But I’ll work with you until you’re satisfied with the results.

What if I’ve never done a glamour photoshoot before?

Don’t worry – many of my clients are women who booked a photoshoot for their first time too. I’ll help you prepare everything you might need before the photoshoot and will do my best to make you feel confident and relaxed during the actual session.

The Shoot

What locations are available?

Most of my photoshoots take place at a professional studio in London. However, I also offer outdoor and location photoshoots – including international locations selected by my clients. You can learn more about the locations (and get some great ideas) on this page.

Is my shoot 100% private?

Yes, you get to keep the photos and they’ll not be shared anywhere. Unless of course you share them yourself or agree to have them used as part of my portfolio.

How to prepare for the shoot?

Please see this page for more details.

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

Of course – you can come with one person that you’d like to accompany you during the photoshoot. Note – if the person that you come with books a photoshoot, you will both receive a special discount (please contact me for more details). You can also book a photoshoot for two people upfront.

When can I see my photos?

You can view the photos and select your favourite photos on the same day of the photoshoot. However, it takes a couple of days before you receive retouched images. The time depends on the package that you choose.

Post-production & delivery

How does retouching work?

During the post-production process, I remove all imperfections and work on the technical side of the photo – improving critical details such as lighting and shadows, and using all the tricks to make you look even better. You can learn more about retouching on this page.

How do you deliver the photos?

There are two ways to get the photos – you can get them via email within as little as 48 hours (special charges apply). You can also order physical copies – in this case, they’ll be delivered to your door within a few weeks from the photoshoot (extra charges apply).

Got More Questions?

Just shoot me a message using the below contact form – I’ll answer it as soon as I see it!

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