Glamour Photography
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What Is Glamour Photography?

Just like every woman is different, there’s no simple definition of glamour photography. In a nutshell, it’s focused on beauty, charm, and (often) sexuality of the person photographed. But, while it uses similar posing and technical setup to fashion or modelling photography, it’s not just about the poses or clothing. It’s not about the wealth or the glamour aspect of the photo either.

To me, glamour photography is all about seduction, sexuality, and physical beauty. Of course, to maximise the achieved results, photographers use everything they can – the light, environment, clothes, makeup, and hairstyle – all those things help highlight and emphasize one’s beauty and sexuality. Naturally, let’s not forget about the retouching and all the post-processing work, which is just as important if we want to achieve the desired result.

Available Photoshoots

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to work in a studio or would like to choose your location

Studio Photoshoots

Get your session done in a comfortable studio in the heart of London. Professional environment, friendly atmosphere and excellent results. Full confidentiality guaranteed.

Location Photoshoots

You set the rules – whether it’s a busy city, an ocean beach, a VIP location, or a place thousands of kilometres from here – I’ll work hard to get you the absolute best glamour photos.

Or Maybe You’re Looking for Commercial Glamour Photography?

E-Commerce Photography

Professional photoshoots for lingerie, sex toys & clothing stores, cosmetic brands, and any other businesses where beauty, sexuality, and seduction help drive product sales up.

Marketing Campaigns

Complete commercial photoshoots consisting of multiple sessions for both big and small brands. I’ll ensure that your campaign goes smoothly – from planning to executing and retouching.

Banners/Posters/Other Creatives

Need special creatives for your businesses? Whether it’s a single poster, a set of banners, or a completely unique set of creatives, I’ll be happy to take photos that drive results.

Seduce, captivate, attract

Get in touch and let’s talk about your personal or commercial glamour photography needs.

Ready to Book a Personal Photoshoot Right Away?