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Why Retouching Photos Matters?

The three key points to successful glamour photoshoot

Make It Look Professional

No one wants to get a set of cheap-looking photos. In the end, you’re paying for a product that feels and looks high-end and which can be used commercially – regardless of whether you’re a model or an e-commerce company.

Make It Look Natural

This is the critical aspect that distinguishes professional photographers from amateurs. While retouching means using technology to remove any imperfection, the pictures have to be believable and can’t have that “artificial” feel.

Make It Look Glamorous

Professionally done glamour photoshoots must produce photos that are eye-catching, seductive and sexy. The right retouching can emphasize all the aspects that make the photoshoot “glamour” in the first place.

Sample Retouching Tasks

When it comes to bringing the best out of your photos, there are multiple elements necessary for success:

Skin Tone Smoothening

Teeth Whitening

Colour Correction & Saturation

Background Edits

Fixing Lights & Contrasts

Adjusting the Figure

Enhancing the Makeup

Hair Improvement

Blemishes Removal

Making the Photo Look More Natural

What Kind of Photos Do I Retouch?

Personal Glamour Portfolios

Product Photos

Banners or Other Creatives

Commercials and Catalogues

Got Any Photos that Need Glamour Retouching?

Retouching impacts the way your audience thinks about the images. I’ll use technology to evoke the right emotions