How to look good and attractive in boudoir photos? 5 best tips & tricks
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How to look good and attractive in boudoir photos? 5 best tips & tricks

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How to look good and attractive in boudoir photos? 5 best tips & tricks

Do you feel terrible every time you stand on the other side of your photographer’s lens? I understand that perfectly. Models see the camera and immediately have before their eyes all the old photos, where they looked ugly or average.

What to do to show your body in such a way that your photos and figure look professional and sexy? Therefore, I have a few lifehacks for you for your photo session that will help you choose the right poses, clothes and accessories that will make you look even nicer, more perky and at least 10 pounds slimmer!

How to become more photogenic?

Almost 36% of people say they are non-photogenic and look bad in pictures. It’s really sad and it’s absolutely not true that someone should not be a model! This is usually a psychological issue, not related to appearance. Your smile and good internal energy are enough to make you look magical.

This is why the photographer’s main task is to make people feel good during the boudoir photo session. It’s equally important, and maybe even more important than photographic technique. So believe me. There are no non-photogenic people! And if you don’t want to believe me, look in the mirror and believe yourself.

To give you more confidence, I have prepared 5 best tips & tricks to use to prepare for a boudoir photo session.

5 rules: how to prepare for a boudoir photo session to look really good.

The successful photo session consists of 50% of the photographer’s ability and 50% of the model’s charisma and flow. Here are recommendations on what to do to look good as a boudoir princess.

Check the boudoir photographer’s portfolio carefully before booking a photo session. Boudoir style requires a lot of professional photographer’s experience, so choose only proven names and brands. Watch out for photographers who want to do this for £ 100. You can waste your time, money and your privacy.

  1. Choose the right clothes and compose a unique style.

The key word – consistency. Essential in every type of photo session. Clothes should be consistent with your character, skin tone and type of beauty. Bright colors, pastel and white, harmonize with many types of skin. With such colors, the model’s face and her curves glow.

If you are not a professional model, putting on controversial lingerie sets will certainly not give you confidence, but will only cause embarrassment. Feel free and make sure that nothing restricts your body’s movements.

Of course, clothes do not have to be only one-colored. If you are a crazy and positive person, definitely bet on patterns and colors! Here’s just one suggestion: limit the number of colors to 2/3. A good solution is to choose one element that will have a pattern or a pair of colors and build the rest of the outfit around it. It will not overwhelm the photo. The recipient’s attention will focus on you and not on the motley dress, and that’s what we care about.

Try on selected styles several times at home before the photo session. See if they are good for you and if you feel good about it. Don’t buy lingerie in a smaller size than you usually wear.

You must feel comfortable before photo shooting in the negligee, so take a lot of comfortable clothes with you (e.g. your favorite tracksuit) in addition to exclusive underwear.

If you’re looking for unique ideas for a boudoir session, check out some examples here.

  1. Prepare your body before the photo session.

Preparations for the photo session should start a few days before shooting. Properly moisturized and nourished skin simply looks healthier, not only in the pictures. Take care of high-quality body and face scrub. In addition, a moisturizer to prevent dry skin in the pictures and a gentle self-tanner, if necessary for you. Lightly tanned skin looks great at any type of photo session.

Get some sleep! Remember that the lens can see more than the human eye and is able to detect any signs of fatigue. Listen to the photographer during the session, trust him, because through the camera’s viewfinder he can see exactly what will be recorded in the picture. Dark circles under your eyes will not give you confidence, so make sure the day before you get adequate calm and restful sleep.

Don’t forget about makeup. A delicate matte foundation, a touch of blush, mascara and a smile!

  1. Take care of your hair and hairstyle for a boudoir session.

Falling out haircut looks bad in the pictures and enlarges our face. An interesting alternative can be a ponytail hairstyle and hair bun. Slightly raised, puffed hair will always look its best. We do not have a small head then and the proportions of our body are kept in safe. Therefore, if you are not a professional model, try to avoid very smooth hairstyles. Style your hair so that it is light and fluffy before the boudoir photo session.

  1. Avoid symmetry.

As a model during a session, do not stand so that your body looks symmetrical. Both legs straight and arms down along the body are boring. Everyone knows that you should stay straight and do not slouch. Your body posture must also be unforced, natural and slightly inclined. It’s important that you don’t look artificial.

Enter asymmetry. Raise one hand above your head or use the boudoir scenery and props to lean on something. This is how the most interesting shots arise. Put your hands on your hips. This pose will work for almost all photo sessions. If the model catches at the waist, the figure is slimmer, and a simple pose will give the picture character and a lot of femininity. In addition, turn your side gently to the camera, put one leg in front and transfer your weight to your hind leg. Feet should be facing the photographer. Raise your chin slightly up and smile!           

  1. Eliminate stress and come to a photo studio for a photo session with a positive attitude and an open mind.

Stress during the photo session can destroy the effects of your work with the photographer. Muscle tension and forced breathing don’t make it look good. You should be relaxed during the session. Breathe deeply and slowly to control your body. The day before the session, go to a yoga or meditation center to clear your mind.

Boudoir photo session – can I do it?

You are the most important during the photo session. The better your skin looks, the better you feel in your body, the better the mood and attitude you have, the better the boudoir photo session will be.

Don’t worry about the lack of experience. A professional photographer will tell you the correct poses and settings. Certainly at the beginning he will do some “relaxing” shots so that you can get used to the lens. If you are ready for it, write to me through this contact form and let’s take you beautiful and sexy photos anywhere in the world that will conquer the internet.

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