What should I wear for a boudoir photo shoot? 3 best outfits for a magical photo session for women.
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What should I wear for a boudoir photo shoot? 3 best outfits for a magical photo session for women.

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What should I wear for a boudoir photo shoot? 3 best outfits for a magical photo session for women.

I often say that the recipe for a successful photo session is first and foremost a good photographer, style and subject matter of the session that impresses you, a beautiful place, makeup before the photo shoot and a properly chosen outfit. But of course the question arises: how to choose the right clothes? 

When choosing a couple photo sessions, I usually advise clients to look harmonious. If this is a family photo session, at the photos you should look coherent and complement each other, the colors of your clothes must match the surroundings and so on. And what if you want to emphasize your femininity and make an individual, boudoir, intimate photo session?

Female photo session – what is a boudoir session?

Women’s photo sessions have their own charm. First, ladies come stressed and slightly scared, and then they bloom beautifully, thanks to which we create real miracles. There are various reasons for these sessions. Some ladies want photos for their beloved, others start a new stage in their lives, and others want to capture their youth. Each photo session is different and that is beautiful! If you are thinking about a photo session, I have prepared for you dressing tips, thanks to which, I hope, you will get rid of unnecessary stress and let you release your femininity!

Boudoir – what is it?

The name “boudoir” speaks for itself and teleports us to the past, where every wealthy woman had a personal space where she changed clothes or simply rested. There, she could feel at ease and wear herself as she felt comfortable, and only a few had access to this zone. The “boudoir” life of a woman has always intrigued and attracted men. Unlike typical erotic sessions and nude sessions, a boudoir session is naturalness, freedom and a subtle allusion. Such sessions will remind you that you are a woman, show your femininity and beauty and will increase your self-esteem. Do you have to say how men react to such a gift? Take the first step and do it!

Just plan your photo session

When you’re preparing for a photo session, especially one that is designed to emphasize your femininity, you need to answer some important issues. They will be:

  • What do you expect from photos? What is your goal? Do you want to emphasize your femininity, have photos for your beloved or a souvenir from this period?
  • How do you want to be shown in the pictures?
  • What photographs do you like the most: you can send some selected examples to better convey your expectations.
  • How do you want to look in the photographs? Romantic and light, or energetic and bold?

What is your style for the photo session? Comfortable or sensual?

The most important thing about a photo session should be your well-being. The boudoir photo shoot is not an exam. If you wear nice but uncomfortable pants – be sure that you will also look in the pictures… well… “uncomfortable”. The photographer will not have too much influence on this issue. That is why it is so important that you feel comfortable and confident! However, there is one basic rule – clothing must be impeccably clean, ironed and suited to the scenery and background of the photo session.

Can I wear a tracksuit during a photo session?

It’s best to come to the photo session in tracksuits. And just before the session in the studio, I suggest you wear tracksuits. Any skin-tight clothing, skinny pants, elastic socks, bra, leave an imprint on the skin that disappears for a long time and unfortunately looks unsightly. It’s more difficult to retouch. I recommend putting on something upwards to avoid wiping off makeup when changing.

Sets of clothes for a photo session

It is worth preparing a few sets of clothes for the photo session so as to diversify the photo a bit but also have something to choose from if it turns out that the clothing looks unfavorably in the photo.

Underwear photo session

Here, we make sure that there is no imprint on the skin. Even leggings can flex. Bra straps are best taken off or loosened. What underwear should you choose? The one where you feel feminine and confident. Belts, stockings, body, corsets – I’m on! It all depends on you. You can choose colors, patterns, laces and accessories. The only limit is your imagination.

Portrait photo session

For the portrait session I suggest smooth, uniform clothes, without large applications and decorations. Lace – tops, blouses, dresses are also welcome. Vintage clothing. I love sweaters, especially those oversized, thick yarn… if you have one, be sure to take it to the photo session! If you don’t have too big breasts, you can also think about golf. Thanks to it, the body becomes optically elongated and the breasts more full. As you can see, it all depends on the concept! Think about whether you prefer shots of a crazy and laughing girl, or are you closer to a serious businesswoman?

What footwear should you choose for a photo session?

Prepare the right footwear and make sure that the shoes are clean (especially the soles) and matched to the styling. Dirty shoes can completely destroy a meticulously well-prepared photo shooting scenery, leaving ugly marks on the floor. What’s more, the camera can be ruthless and will capture everything.

I think you will agree with me that high heels are the most feminine footwear! Sensual, sexy and seductive. You can go crazy with the height of the heel. After all, this is only a session, no one will tell you to run in it. But the body in the pin visually lengthens, the muscles are tense, and you look confident and firm woman with a bag of sex appeal!

You don’t like high heels? No problem. In sports shoes i.e. Nike AirMax, believe me, you can also look sexy. The matter is that it suits the overall style of the photo session. However, I advise against posing in platform shoes. They optically enlarge the calf and give the body a feeling of heaviness.

Boudoir session – is it worth trying? Are boudoir photos a good idea?

A boudoir photo session is not only a great gift idea for a partner or husband, but also an opportunity to try something new. You can discover your body through the lens of a professional photographer and feel ultra-feminine. Discover your body and love yourself again! Write to me and let’s talk about how to prepare for a photo session.

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