How does a professional photo session look like?
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How does a professional photo session look like?

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How does a professional photo session look like?

The trend of planning professional photo sessions is growing year by year and even month by month. We are a society that loves taking photos, photographing each other and sharing it with others. 

Why do we need a professional photo session?

Interestingly, this is not just about photographic documentation of important celebrations, although these are still leading the way. Until recently, professional photo sessions were mainly made for advertising, business, as a gift for somebody, presenting our body, shapes and curves or other reasons. Today it is available to everyone.

What happens during the photo session? 

I would like to present to you today what a professional photo session looks like and what happens during a photo session. Thanks to this blog post you will know what to expect from photos and photographers if you book the date of your photo session.

The main assumptions of the photo session – how to choose the theme and atmosphere of a photo session?

Each photo shoot is preceded by the development of the plan and assumptions. It’s about the subject to be seen in the pictures. Appropriate stylization is necessary to take session photos. Each type of photo is done in a completely different way, e.g.:

Each photo session is a selection of the right place in the open air, background or photo studio. Different place and scenery, different style, different costumes, props and decorations.

Tell me who you are and I will take the best pictures for you

It is important who orders the photo session. Your character, your expectations, your courage. Choose a professional photographer who will want to meet you and match the assumptions and style of the photo session to your personality. Or maybe you are so crazy and brave that you would like to hit the cover of Playboy magazine? I know how to do that.

How do you find the right place or studio for your individual photo session?

Do we have the subject and concept of your photo session? Okay, so we keep going. It’s time to choose a place to shoot. The nature of the photo determines the space where it should be taken. The work in the open air looks completely different to the one taking place in the photo studio.

Be careful of the weather before outdoor photo sessions

Working in open spaces often depends on atmospheric conditions that may disturb you. You need to observe the weather forecast – it may be that the weather will help and will be an advantage of the pictures taken.

Do I need a makeup artist or stylist for an outdoor photo session?

During an outdoor photo session, a make-up artist, stylist or specialist in photographic light will be useful. This type of session also requires different hardware. We will choose something.

What to do during a photo session in a photo studio?

Closed photo session? Here, the model or photographer will not be disturbed by bad weather. However, the importance of light, appropriate clothing and good makeup is growing.

It’s time for photos!

The most important thing during the photo session is the freedom with your photography specialist. Our goal will be to obtain from a few to several best photographs.

Length of photo session time

We need from one to two hours in the basic version. The photo session can last even the whole weekend if we go abroad.

How many photos are taken in one photo session?

During the photo session about 200 or more photos are taken. Photographer chooses from them about 30 best photos alone or together with the model. It takes a lot of shots in different styles and make-up. We need to show both your face and figure. Take a basic set of cosmetics and several sets of clothes with you for the session. Lamp lights and clothing changes can spoil your morning makeup. To be perfect, prepare for corrections.

What do you do at a photoshoot?

During the photo session, the model gradually gains experience in front of the lens. The model relaxes, and then we can show it at its best and emphasize the character of the model. It’s your time. Feel good. We can improve a lot of things later during retouching and corrections.

Plan for you for a photo session

  1. Selection of the subject of the photo session
  2. Preparation for the photo session (read about it here)
  3. Arrival at the place of the session, makeup and styling
  4. 1h – 2h in front of the lens
  5. Selection of the best shots

Photo processing

Of course, the photos should be naturally beautiful and made professionally so that they do not require additional correction. However, despite such assumptions, even the best photographers are not afraid to use technical improvements, thanks to which you can e.g. brighten a too dark photo or improve its contrast. The current technical facilities for image processing are at such a high level that they certainly will not destroy the true beauty of the photograph taken.

Do you already know how a professional photo session looks like?

Photos are the best souvenir and a great way to record memories, if we mean celebrations, travels, important events. It is also a marketing tool that does quite well. Professional photo sessions are very much sought after by various types of clients, as evidenced by the very wide range in some agencies or photo salons. If you want to make a present for yourself or your loved ones – do not be afraid and arrange your first professional photo session.

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