How do you choose a good photographer?
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How do you choose a good photographer?

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How do you choose a good photographer?

Choosing a photographer for a professional glamour photo shoot can be difficult. Each city has at least a dozen people offering their services. There are a few basic things to note when you want to choose the best photography specialist & artist. I decided to get them together. I prepared a mini-guide for you, which may help you in the future decide on a professional photo session.

  1. Check out opinions about the photographer

There is no better way to choose a good photographer than to consult other people. There are many websites on the internet, where customers can rate photographers operating in your region. In that, you know what to expect from a photographer, and what is more –  the comparison of opinions with the prices proposed by photographers, will allow you to choose the best possible solution. 

Ask friends about their photographers

It’s even better to consult your friends if they also use the services of a photographer. They will be a more reliable source of information than the internet. There are many offers anywhere, so you need to make a thorough analysis so as not to overpay and most importantly – do not regret it.

  1. Check photographer’s portfolio

Most professional photographers publish their proprietary photos from previous sessions on their websites. They do it to encourage the use of their service and to show off their work. As a result, potential customers have the opportunity to look at the work of photographers and based on them choose the one that best meets their expectations.

Choose what photos you want to take

It is also worth remembering to decide on a person who specializes in taking a specific type of photos – for example, in the case of a wedding session, it is better to choose the photographer who often takes sessions with the bride and groom, so he has extensive experience in this area. If you want to make a portrait session or a more women’s photo session – look for a photographer who has interesting shots in his portfolio.

  1. Let’s talk about money

Although the price should not be the only indicator, it certainly is not without significance. Before choosing a photographer, you must specify the amount you can pay for the services rendered. You should definitely take into account that prices can vary drastically. This is influenced by the quality of photography and the whole photo session.

What is the price for a photo session?

A professional photographer constantly invests in new equipment, additional training and technical innovations. Therefore, the photographer must consider raising the cost of their services. On the other hand, the price does not have to be an indicator of quality. Many aspiring photographers offer their services at lower rates, but this does not mean that they have less talent or passion.

Where do you want to make the photo session?

An additional issue is the photo studio. When choosing a photographer, pay attention to the place where you want to have a photo session. Do you dream of an erotic photo session in an industrial loft? Renting an apartment is an additional cost that you must consider.

  1. Ask about the form of transferring photos

Check what the photographer offers in the package. How are its prices composed? Does the package contain only printable files? If not, will you have the time and strength to walk and print these photos? Because you don’t do sessions to get these beautiful photos stuck somewhere in your computer. If the package contains pictures, then what format? Packed in a box?

Photographer’s additional services

Will you get the files or just the prints? What will the digital files be recorded on? On a CD or USB stick? If you have a relatively new laptop, it may no longer have a CD pocket. Or maybe via the download link? Many questions, but I guarantee you that by answering them, you will help yourself choose the right photographer who will perform a professional photo session for you.

  1. Photo selection process

What will look like the process of choosing photos after the photo session? Will it be a personal meeting with the photographer? Would he show you photos from the session and also the products he offers? Many photographers put photos on a page where you can choose the number of photos to print. This method has pros and cons – you can easily view and choose photos yourself, however, you will not be able to see and feel the products, compare their quality or size. In a direct meeting with the photographer, you can arrange more details.

  1. Good energy is the basis

Finally, I will mention one more thing – contrary to appearances, very important during any session. When you are talking to a photographer – even on the phone – do you think you are a good match and would you like to work with him? Does he answer your specific questions, is he polite and helpful, could you trust him? Freedom during a photo session results in beautiful photographs. If you do not trust your photographer, you will not feel at ease with him – the session can be very difficult and will not give you complete satisfaction.

I want to choose the best photographer – how to do it?

To sum up – by checking all the aspects mentioned above, you will get a full picture of the person with whom you will start working. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or suggest your solutions. The photo session is for you and you have to make a wonderful souvenir from it. I hope you make a good choice. If you want to talk about choosing a photographer, please, write to me here.

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