The 5 best tips for professional outdoor photo sessions
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The 5 best tips for professional outdoor photo sessions

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

The 5 best tips for professional outdoor photo sessions

Boudoir photo session, women’s photo session, sensual photo sessionBoudoir photo shoot, portrait session or women’s photo session is the best gift you can give yourself, even without an opportunity! This will not only improve your body awareness and self-esteem, but will give you strength and a great souvenir for years. When you choose an outdoor photo session, there are a few things you should consider. And that’s what I tried to describe especially for you.

What does a female photo session mean?

For me and many of my models with whom I have worked, this is a special time in which everything that happens around is focused on the photographed woman. She and her image are the most important there. There are no problems, everyday life, no gray – there is only her and the camera lens that catches the beauty hidden in every woman. Women’s photo sessions are delicate, sensual and allow you to discover what is hidden even for photographed women. I will take care of the appropriate photographic equipment, lighting and post-processing. You bring your splendor and class with you.

  1. Specify the purpose of the photo session

Before the professional photo session, agree on what the photos will be used for – it must be clearly defined. Other shots and posing will be needed for a CV’s or LinkedIn, other shots will be useful for the company’s annual report, and others should be on the wall in the parents’ home. Why does this matter? This is the basis of success. Define the goals of the image.

Answer the question, what kind of photo shoot is it? As in the case of family or engagement sessions, this is not a problem, so when I’m photographing one person, it is not entirely. What do you want to show in the pictures? What story do you want to tell? What emotions do you want to show? What role do you want to play?

  1. What will be the theme of your photo session?

How to get gorgeous glamour shots? Glamour photos focus on and emphasize the physical beauty, charm, shy flirtatiousness and sexual attraction of the model, but it is also very important to choose the right theme and climate for the photo session.

An individual photo session is also a huge field to play with form. Retro photos, boudoir photos, pin-up, vintage or noir styles, as well as all kinds of dressing up, require a bit more involvement at the preparation stage (clothes, hair, makeup, background), but the result is certainly worthwhile.

The theme can also refer to the season of the year in which the photo session takes place. In autumn, the styling looks good with thick bright sweaters on the background of gold-red leaves of the tree. Climatic and elegant.

  1. Find the right location for the photo session

The location is one of the first things you should finalize while planning an outdoor photo shoot. Scout the location at least once before the day of the shoot to ensure that you do not waste time on the final day. The location, of course, depends on the theme of the photo session. If you decide on a city session, this could be your favorite cafe or place in the center. You can also go to industrial lofts or other post-factory buildings. You can realize sessions closer to nature in the park, botanical garden, forest or by the water. It all depends on what you dreamed of and what is close to your place of residence.

  1. Choose the right outfit

The outfit should match the theme of the photo session. Prepare yourself and choose an outfit for the place where the session will take place. Think about comfortable shoes, matched to the season and location of the open air. There is nothing worse than muddy high-heeled shoes in the middle of a forest or meadow, which you can hardly see in the pictures anyway. Dress for the session should also be comfortable. I understand that a session with a photographer can be a good excuse for shopping, but let’s remember about comfort, clothing that will give you freedom of movement and will match the season. Summer airy dresses are beautiful, but I don’t recommend such a dress in the middle of winter.

The key to a glamour photo session outdoors is choosing the right outfit: sexy lingerie, swimwear or… without an outfit if you’re so brave.

Avoid large geometric patterns and inscriptions. Solid colors are preferable. If anything, small dots or patterns of the meadows. Women look beautiful in boho dresses of this type.

  1. What is the best time for an outdoor photo session?

There’s something so magical about the glowing light that the sun produces at certain hours of the day. As an expert glamour photographer, I will suggest something to you. When you want a scheduled photo shoot, you can try to shoot one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset, also known as the “Golden Hour”

During these times the sun is low in the sky, which produces a soft light which is so much more flattering than the harsh midday sun. This golden light is so fun to play and experiment with – this would be a great time to capture some pretty sun flare as the sun is setting. 

Do you want to find energy and strength and feel extremely feminine? Don’t waste your time and contact me here.

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