What cosmetics and essential make-up tools should you take with you to a boudoir photo session?
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What cosmetics and essential make-up tools should you take with you to a boudoir photo session?

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What cosmetics and essential make-up tools should you take with you to a boudoir photo session?

Women’s photo sessions, also known as boudoir photo shoots, are becoming more and more popular. This is the time when the attention is 100% focused on you. The boudoir session aims to capture your beauty in a noble, elegant setting. Boudoir photos are taken in elegant hotel interiors or a specially prepared glamour-style atelier. Plus lace underwear, corsets, stockings and high heels. Seductive poses and mysterious looks.

All this to arouse admiration in your man, but also to feel liberated from complexes and derive from this experience as much joy and satisfaction as possible. How to prepare for them? What should you take with you to the professional photo session? Check out some of my tips and life-hacks.

What is a women’s boudoir photo session?

The name “boudoir” speaks for itself. The boudoir atmosphere takes us to the past, where every wealthy woman had a personal space to change clothes or just relax. There she could feel at ease and wear as she was comfortable, and only a few had access to this zone. The “boudoir” life of a woman has always intrigued and attracted men. Unlike erotic sessions and nude sessions, a boudoir session is natural, free and subtle allusion. Such photo shoots will remind you that you are a woman, will show your femininity and beauty and will obligatorily raise your self-esteem. Do you need to say how men react to such a gift? Do it!

Make-up for a female boudoir session

It is best if you decide to order your make up before the photo session. It is included in my packagesMake-up made by a professional cosmetologist will surely stay on your face for a long time and, above all, emphasize the advantages of your beauty.

If you don’t want to use a make-up artist please let me know and want to make up yourself, don’t forget to bring your make-up kit with you to the photo session. Remember that makeup for a photo session is different than everyday makeup – it should be a bit stronger and the skin should be more dull. So choose its power and colors properly to the specifics of the planned photoshoot. Scrupulously hide any skin imperfections. Avoid glitter and excess pearly cosmetics, such as highlighter or foundation with particles. Do not test new cosmetics on the day of the shoot. What if the fluid drains after an hour and the ink irritates the eyes?

It’s good that the makeup is not very provocative. It is supposed to emphasize your beauty, but not completely cover it. Take a few things with you on the set. It will be:

  • matting papers
  • lipstick and lip liner
  • matting powder
  • powder brush
  • small mirror

Hairstyle for a female boudoir session

I always recommend my clients to give their hair shape and shine. It seems simple, but you have to stick to a few rules. The hairstyle must be natural. Strong curls or tight buns may not work. Hair can be slightly curled, wavy, rather loose. Hair that is slightly pinned up will also look beautiful. Naturalness must manifest itself in all elements of the photo session. That is why I recommend making sure that the hair is after using conditioner or other cosmetics that give shine and smoothness.

No mercy on regrowths. You have to dye them. I also suggest making an appointment with the hairdresser before the photo session for hair styling and proper styling. Hair is a showcase and attribute of a woman. It is worth making sure that your hairstyle is beautiful on this day. If you decide to style your hair yourself, use a brush or make delicate curls, if you like straight hair – straighten it. I encourage you to leave your hair loose – you can use it in an interesting way for photos, e.g. by twisting a strand in your fingers.

Accessories for a female boudoir session

What else should you take with you to the photo session?

Boudoir photo session’s jewellery

Boudoir session without pearls? Impossible. Long strings of pearls look sexy and elegant at the same time. Those who do not like pearls can choose any other jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings – everything is advisable, as long as it is chosen with an idea.

Boudoir photo session’s flowers

A must-have accessory for a female photoshoot. Firstly, they are associated with romanticism, feeling, passion, secondly, they are a prop that allows us to hold our hands – and often people with no experience in posing do not know what to do with their hands.

Boudoir photo session’s shoes

Actually – high heels! Make sure to take nice-looking high-heeled shoes.

Boudoir photo session’s underwear

Boudoir photos are usually taken in underwear – at least part of the female session is presented in such clothes. The more elegant the better, it is also good if it is tempting, sexy, but in good taste. All kinds of laces are perfect. Check other outfits for a boudoir photo shoot here.

A model’s must-have for a photo session

Add a good mood to it all! The photo session shouldn’t be stressful, just fun. Only after a while does relaxation come and the poses become more natural. This is normal and no wonder. The point is not that every photo taken during the session turns out to be perfect – just a few, a maximum of several dozen good shots. And we will definitely succeed – we always succeed!

Boudoir photos can be a unique and personal gift for a loved one on the occasion of a wedding, anniversary or spicy Valentine’s Day. Subtle and sensual portraits that bring out feminine beauty will surely give you a lot of joy. Do you want to know more? Contact me here.

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