How do you pose for a glamour photo shoot? Flow posing.
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How do you pose for a glamour photo shoot? Flow posing.

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

How do you pose for a glamour photo shoot? Flow posing.

More and more women are looking for an individual photo session. It is not about an ordinary portrait session. It is not about typical branding photos with a broad smile. Is it about something more… intimate? This is obviously a glamour photo session. Have you already decided to book a photo session but you are worried about choosing the right pose? I will tell you how to position yourself in the photos to hide what’s troublesome and show your assets.

What is a glamour photo shoot?

A glamour session is a quite specific type of art of photography, showing the beauty of the female body, delicately and with taste. The photos are full of sensuality, subtlety and sex appeal.

This is a great idea for a gift for a boyfriend, husband or for you, so that after years of remembering the charm will return.

Flow posing: where I should put this hand?

It is a myth that the best photos are a matter of chance. The comforting truth is that everyone can take a nice picture, you only need to know how to pose to hide imperfections. The fewer elements we leave to chance, the greater the chance of success.

To dispel all doubts on the topic of “how to pose for photos”, I created a mini guide containing 6 unconventional advice on how to prepare and behave during a photo session.

  1. Make friends with the mirror

It is a difficult task. Especially when, like most women, you are a master at finding your imperfections. However, if you want to look natural in your photos, you have to get used to your body and how you present yourself. You need to check what your face and body look like “at rest” and consider if this appearance is satisfactory for you. Look at yourself, make faces, test make-up, hairstyles and poses. Try on outfits and accessories. Remember the ones you feel good in and create sets that give you confidence, because this is what you will need when you stand in front of the lens.

  1. Face and light

Directing your face directly into the light is not always the most beneficial for you. Therefore, try the posture half-side / half-back to the light source. This way, your face will be illuminated with soft light, your eyes will be wide open, and your complexion will be natural and healthy.

  1. Upright posture

Do you tend to round your back constantly? This is one of the greatest sins in the photo. Take a deep breath, pinch your shoulder blades together, lower your arms. As soon as you feel like you are sagging again, ask for a repeat shot.

  1. Are the shots on the chair troublesome for you?

Cross your leg over your leg, place one hand on your thigh, and support yourself behind your back with the other hand. This way, you will let the light into the openwork structure, and your silhouette will seem lighter and slimmer.

  1. Choose props

Props will be your ally. If you do not know what to do with your hands, and when they are majestically folded one behind the other, they definitely do not match your image, grab an attribute typical of you in your hand. It can be a glass of wine, a tie or a feather.

  1. Be confident and have fun!

Take a deep breath, straighten up, lift your head up (no one will see a second chin), smile and drop a wink into your mirror image. It’s your time Girl! Use it consciously, and then admire yourself in the pictures!

Flow posing – basic tips for glamour photo models

  • Feet down. This is a very important rule if you want your legs to look attractive. pinching the toes causes tension in the thigh and calf.
  • Bend your loins. This characteristic curve emphasizes the bust and enhances the buttocks.
  • Pull your stomach in. The model must do it even if she is very thin. This forces the body to tighten its muscles, which looks good in the pictures.
  • Listen to what the photographer says. Remember that the photographer wants the best for you. Listen to his suggestions. They will definitely have a positive effect on the whole photo.

Don’t forget about the seductive look

Sometimes not pose of the model is the most important during a glamour photo session. It is very important to look, often the eyes in the photos look more closed than they really are. When you want to get a deeper look, slightly lower your chin down and open your eyes wide, looking just above the lens, not directly at it. It’s also a good idea to close your eyes for a few seconds and open a moment before taking a photo.

Do you want to see how you look in glamour photos?

If so, write to me and let’s talk about what your first glamour photo shoot will look like. It will be magical – I promise!

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