Top 7 myths about glamour photography
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Top 7 myths about glamour photography

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Top 7 myths about glamour photography

Glamour photography is probably one of the most misunderstood forms of photography out there. Some people think it is porn. Some people think it is an advertisement for underwear. Some people think it is boudoir shots. Some people haven’t even heard of it! For those of you that have heard, but maybe have never experienced it, you probably have your own preconceived notions about what it is. I will try to debunk some of the myths that have emerged about glamour photography.

Time to debunk 7 myths about glamor photo shoot

  1. Glamour photography is an erotic photo session.

Of course no. Art of glamour photography focuses on the beauty of the person in the photograph. While it’s a standalone genre, that focus on beauty can inspire work in other genres as well. Glamor photography is, simply put, photography that highlights beauty, sexiness, allure, dazzle, fine lines and even romance. 

  1. The glamour session is reserved exclusively for celebrities.

Absolutely not. A glamor session is for every woman who wants to feel beautiful. Glamor photos are presented, for example, in men’s magazines such as Playboy, Maxim or CKM. Their goal is to present the physical attractiveness of men and women and to arouse emotions related to it.

  1. Glamour photography is only for people who look like barbies or just for pretty, young and skinny ladies.

Well I am here to tell you that is nonsense. You are worth looking at with all your scars, stretch marks, medical devices, cellulite, lumps, bumps, and bruises! All bodies are good bodies and I would love to show you just how amazingly beautiful you are. You are better than Barbie.

  1. Glamour photography focuses on the things that the model presents.

Glamour shots focus on physical beauty. Photographers piece together several different aspects. This is to highlight that ethereal fairy tale beauty. The lingerie and makeup, the lighting and post-processing. All the different elements work together to celebrate the subject’s beauty. Glamour photography is about giving women confidence. And about making all women feel beautiful.

  1. You have to be naked during the glamour photo session.

That doesn’t mean the model is always wearing revealing clothing. But sometimes photographers will define glamour as boudoir-like shots. Even if they are outside the boudoir (or bedroom). Feeling beautiful and empowered and confident looks different on everyone! Feeling beautiful and empowered and confident looks different on everyone! For some that means posing in their favorite cozy sweater. For others it is wearing a great dress and heels. Others still like to dress up in their favorite sports team gear! You can wear jean shorts and a leather jacket and be completely covered and still take the most beautiful glamour photos.

  1. Glamour photo sessions are only shot in the studio.

Glamour photographer can use hard light, soft light, natural light or studio light. What matters in glamour photography is how everything comes together to celebrate beauty. Whether that’s in an understated way or a more alluring one. Glamour photos can be done anywhere. In the outdoors, in an apartment or loft, but also in the studio.

  1. Glamour photography is expensive.

It’s not true. You can find the right interior, styling and photographer at a low price. Of course, quality goes hand in hand with a higher price, but it is really worth trying a glamor photo session with a lower budget at the beginning of the adventure with such photography.

Is it worth making a glamor photo session?

Should you try glamour photography? Yes, most definitely. After all, posing for glamour shots can make a person feel or at least taste how it is to be the center of a glammed up life. To be all made up, clothed, styled and directed can be quite the experience for anyone. Just make sure that you land on a very good and talented glamour photographer.

Who is the glamour session for?

Why should you do a glamour photo session? A glamor session is for every woman who wants to feel beautiful. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like and what your style is. This photoshoot is for you. Because you’re beautiful.

Glamour shots may be controversial. But when done right, glamour is a style of photography that appreciates beauty. And what photographer doesn’t appreciate beauty? To create a successful glamour photography, a photographer needs to keep a lot of things in his/her mind. Glamour photography fetches many altered fundamentals together. And it bonds the fundamentals together in an image rejoicing beauty.

Do you want to try and see your body from a completely new perspective? Make an appointment with me for a glamor photo session and let’s enhance your inner and outer beauty together!

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