The best lingerie for a glamour photo session – how to choose it?
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The best lingerie for a glamour photo session – how to choose it?

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

The best lingerie for a glamour photo session – how to choose it?

What is a glamour photo session? This is a sensual women’s session, emphasizing its beauty, shape and delicacy. This type of session aims to introduce a woman to sexually. Are you wondering before the photo session, does it matter what kind of underwear you take for the photo session? I’m in a hurry to answer – well, it does! I used to say that underwear should be chosen according to taste. Now my rhetoric is different, it is directly related to the experience with this charming service, which is a female glamour photo shoot.

How important is lingerie?

As you might have guessed, what you wear, how your hair is styled, your makeup and how you pose all contribute to the overall look and play a part in the creation of your beautiful portraits. Naturally, you’ll want to wear underwear that helps to make you look and feel amazing. I believe that the right choice of lingerie is really important because if you look and feel good, you’ll be so much more confident on the day of your photo shoot.

The basis for the selection of lingerie for a glamour session is comfort.

What should you wear for a glamour photo session? You’ll want to look gorgeously confident in your glamour lingerie and to achieve that, you’ll want to feel comfortable. So, when you’re deciding what lingerie to wear, think about going for an outfit that is form-fitted and feels good. You’ll definitely want something that offers great support to your bust, lie down in the outfit and assess what happens!

Is there perfect underwear?

Okay, then – how can you describe the perfect underwear? The one that best fits the climate of femininity? A stylist would say that it is the one that highlights the shapes best, and I will say that it does not matter. Because only one thing matters – lace. Do what you want, choose what you want, as long as you end up having at least one lace thing. And yes, I know that we have people here who don’t like lace on average. But lace is loved by women. They braid their bodies in a sophisticated way and it always looks good. 

Gadgets boosting the “wow” effect

Lace is just one option. Another is chokers, harness, decorative straps, garters. Probably some of you are wondering what it is and why I mention it at all. If you have chosen underwear, it is, for example, classic, black, just without laces, and you wonder what to do to emphasize the whole styling? Then the above-mentioned little miracles come in all black. Most have heard of classic chokers, but the lingerie ones are different. They are hung around the neck and hooked to the middle of the bra, between the breasts. Harness is another form of garter belt – but you don’t need stockings to finish the look. As if that was not enough, there are also body harnesses, those that complete the look all over the body. 

What color of underwear should you choose?

We have already discussed laces and gadgets, it’s time to move on to another burning issue – the colors of underwear. Personally, I think that the top 3 colors are, from the first place: black, red, white. Where did this sequence come from? 

Black lingerie for the photo session

The answer is simple – black lingerie is sexy. Black goes well with smoky eyes, long, thick lashes or red lipstick. To the black one you will put red high heels and gold earrings. Black is a classic that will never go down in history. 

Red lingerie for the photo session

The red color of underwear is the epitome of femininity in femininity. If the photos are to be a gift for a loved one, red underwear will be perfect here. It is more “specific” and predatory.

White lingerie for the photo session

White color of underwear – this in turn is perfect for photos that are ultimately a wedding gift for a future spouse, or as an emphasis on delicacy. It is by far the most neutral color for a sensual session. If you like tinsel jewelry, here it will find a great purpose. White underwear emphasizes the innocence and delicacy of a woman.

Other valuable materials for glamour photo sessions

It is also worth paying attention to a few other materials used in sensual ang glamour  sessions. All kinds of scarves and bathrobes can be an addition to the underwear itself. Made of silk or satin fabric, they will perfectly emphasize the sexiness of the model. Or maybe satin nightgowns? With slightly translucent elements that show off beautiful underwear. Corsets also look good. They emphasize the waist, are sexy and hide all imperfections.

Remember, this photoshoot for you. Even if you’re going to be gifting a portrait from your collection to your partner, it’s important to pick the type of boudoir lingerie that you will want to wear and feel good in. If you want to check how beautiful you look in sexy lingerie in photos, book the date of the glamour photo session here.

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