How to choose a hair color for a glamour photo session?
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How to choose a hair color for a glamour photo session?

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How to choose a hair color for a glamour photo session?

Choosing the right hair color for your complexion, type of beauty, etc. is sometimes difficult and requires many attempts. If you want to pursue glamour photo sessions, take care not only of the right clothes or accessories for glamour photos, but also of your hair color.

Beyond trends and fashion, there are certain hair colors that, because of our natural tones, will work in our favor more than others. That’s why, in the world of colorimetry, there are hair colors that are ideal when it comes to highlighting our attributes and making our imperfections less visible. 

How to match hair color to skin tone?

How to look attractive in glamour photos? While the old beauty rules don’t really apply anymore (that is, you can really wear any hair color that you like and also because hair coloring techniques have advanced a ton), it can be helpful to know which shade of hair color to start with if you’re looking to take the color theory approach to complementing your skin tone. That doesn’t mean that you can’t do, say, blonde hair on dark skin, it just means that in order for it to look as amazing as it possibly can, you should choose the warmth or coolness of the color depending on your unique skin tone.

What is my skin tone?

Here are a few basic tips from stylists that will help you to zero in on your specific shade and decide how to apply that to the hair color of your dreams.

  1. In order to accurately determine your skin’s undertones, you’ll need to completely remove all traces of makeup that may be changing its natural color.
  2. Find a place with the most natural light. The color of the skin changes due to the color of the bulbs in the lighting. You must have noticed this while shopping in the mall, when entering the fitting room.
  3. One of the easiest ways to figure out your undertone is to look in your closet and take your favourite shirt. If it’s yellow, orange or peach, you likely have a warm skin tone. If it’s blue, green or purple, you likely have a cool skin tone. If you look equally amazing in both, your skin tone is neutral.
  4. You can also tell your skin tone by the color of your veins. Flip your wrists over. Do you see greenish color veins? That means you have more warm undertones. If you see blue or purple veins, that means your skin tone is more cool.

Choosing the right hair color

Choosing a hair color is never easy. Your choice will largely depend on your natural skin tones and original hair color.

1. Warm colors for warm skin tones.

Those with pinky, red, yellow or olive skin tones can easily rock warmer hair colors such as golden blonde or auburn browns.

2. Cool colors for cool skin tones.

Then there are those with cooler or more “citrusy” skin tones with hints of blue, who should opt for cooler hair colors.

3. Don’t stray too far from natural.

When something looks natural, it looks better, there are no two ways about it! A great rule is to stick to within two shades of your natural hair colour, in terms of light or dark, as your hair shade usually matches your complexion.

How to prepare your hair for a photo shoot?

To prepare your hair for your photoshoot, get a haircut in the week leading up to the shoot. You can get a trim to keep your hair looking tidy, or you could also opt for hair coloring. Talk to your hairdresser about what hairstyle will best suit your face for your photoshoot.

Whilst you’re spending time keeping your skin moisturized to prepare for your photo shoot– don’t neglect your hair! The week before your photo shoot use a nourishing, deep conditioning treatment on your hair. This will ensure it is healthy, strong and fabulous for your shoot.

The best hair colors for photo shoots

It all depends on the type of photo session. When deciding on a boudoir or glamour session, opt for expressive hair colors that emphasize your beauty. Intense hair color combinations can be distracting, so keep your combinations simple. In general, I recommend staying away from white and other pale colors as the main color (pink, pale yellow, light green, sky blue, etc.). They can overexpose, distract from your face, and sometimes even make your skin tone look paler than it is. This especially applies to outdoor photo shoots. If you want to order a glamor photo session that will emphasize the beauty of your hair, write to me and let’s make an appointment.

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