Top 12 glamour photography blogs you should follow in 2021
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Top 12 glamour photography blogs you should follow in 2021

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

Top 12 glamour photography blogs you should follow in 2021

When searching the internet, you can find thousands of online resources and publications that photographers use to hone their craft and skills. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, photography blogs are excellent sources of knowledge, where talented photographers provide the knowledge and resources to help.

We all need some inspiration from time to time. We similarly need to keep up with new technology that is constantly coming out. Whether you’re a beginner or professional photographer or photo model, reading photography blogs will keep you up to date on what is happening in the photography world. Choose a few blogs that you find the most interesting and visit them regularly to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the photography world.

Finding the most influential photography blogs is no easy task. It’s all about finding the most popular blogs and most talented photographers. Here is our list of the 12 best photography blogs in 2021. They are all great inspiration and provide quality content. The blogs cover various topics and some of them even offer photography news.

  1. Duluth Boudoir Photography 

Welcome to Duluth Boudoir Photography! They are feminists, body advocates, and they are here to liberate you from negative societal norms. The blog consists of three amazing photographers. They show the seductive bodies of women in a fabulous way. 

  1. GNO Fotógrafo

Eugenio bets on his boudoir photography reports to play with the lights, the shadows regardless of location, so his portfolio of boudoir photography can fit both scenes inside a hotel and images next to the thing. Because femininity does not understand places, Eugenio knows how to capture the beauty of women anywhere.

  1. Couture Boudoir

Critsey is the nation’s top boudoir photographer serving New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Francisco, LA, Denver and many more cities. Her style is romantic and sensual. She knows how to make clients feel at ease all while creating stunning images. 

  1. Black Lace Boudoir

Welcome to Black Lace Boudoir, Fredericksburg’s Premier Boudoir Studio. Thej specialized in providing a Luxury and Empowering Boudoir Experience to women of all sizes. Some of the best stories are told through the art of boudoir. They do not share the details, but they show the scars, allow women to embrace them and see themselves through an entirely different light. 

  1. Jorge Lara

Jorge is a prestigious Mexican photographer specializing in wedding photography with a very particular style, fashion reports and boudoir sessions. In this last type of session, Jorge manages to recreate a very sensual atmosphere in each image thanks to the play of lights and shadows. In addition, it dedicates a space for boudoir images of brides in its portfolio.

  1. Pure Boudoir | Chicago Boudoir Photography Blog

Chicago Boudoir Photography Blog – award winning boudoir & intimate portrait photography by Magdalena. Their boudoir photography is classy, sensitive, delicate, & artistic. They make each client look sexy, hot, confident, the best ever. Their artistic boudoir photography has been published in numerous online publications. 

  1. Miriam Franco Fotografía

In the gallery of Miriam Franco’s website with Tokyo design, besides discovering her boudoir photography sessions you will find thematic nude reports. In addition, Miriam goes one step further in each of her boudoir photography reports, seeking not only to capture the beauty of women in a natural way, but also takes advantage of the different scenes to convey a message through her photographs.

  1. Boudoir by Marie | Boudoir Photography Blog

This is how Marie describes her work: “Everything in modern society tells women that they aren’t enough, There is nothing I love more than showing women that they ARE enough and how beautiful they are, just as they are, at every stage in their life. Boudoir photography has proven itself over and over again to be a form of therapy for my clients.”

  1. Joe McNally

Photographer Joe McNally, who’s career has spanned decades, is an extremely famous photographer with a blog that perfectly displays his work. The two things that are important to note about McNally’s site is that it has a great layout and is easily accessible. It also does not hurt to have some gorgeous photography, as well as some firsthand accounts of McNally’s amazing feats.

  1. Moss Photography

There is nothing that describes Moss Photography’s goal better than their own warning sign on the blog: “Caution: side effects may include but are not limited to: increased self-confidence, falling madly deeply in love with yourself, overall increase in general badassery, uncontrollable urge to celebrate yourself and lift up those around you.” They also refer to themselves as an empowerment boudoir photography studio. Because boudoir photos are all about empowering women. Their blog offers inspiration on various topics. From posing to neon shoots, you can find interesting boudoir insights.

  1. The Adore Girls

Jamie Pfister is the photographer and owner of The Adore Girls which is based in Nashville, Tennessee. She and her team aim to provide the highest quality experience to their clients. They want to change the way women feel about themselves by showing their unquestionable beauty. Their blog has a ‘Featured Girl Friday’ part where their clients share their thoughts and feelings about their boudoir experience. It is a useful read for every boudoir photographer because they can understand better how the clients feel during a boudoir shoot.


Finally, I will immodestly add my blog about boudoir and glamour photography. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and doubts before the first photo shoot about hairstyle, underwear, posing or makeup.

If you want to provide an outstanding boudoir experience, you need to know what the top players offer. Check out these blogs, learn from their tips and find inspiration in their boudoir photography. If you are already inspired to make your own boudoir photo session, write to me and let’s do something beautiful and unique together.


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