Top 7 expert glamour photography tips for best boudoir photo shoot
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Top 7 expert glamour photography tips for best boudoir photo shoot

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

Top 7 expert glamour photography tips for best boudoir photo shoot

The art of glamour and boudoir photography has evolved significantly since the times of Albert Arthur Allen or Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres. Both glamour photographers and models need more and more knowledge about the latest technologies, posing styles, creative, surprising shots, or building a session atmosphere. Today, glamour photo sessions take place in small photographic studios as well as outdoors in huge spaces. How to learn glamour photography technique? How do you know that your glamour photo session will be the best in the whole internet? Here are some tips from a professional glamour & boudoir photography expert.

  1. Choose the right lens for glamour photography

Both as a photographer and as a model, you need to know which lens to use to make your glamour photos perfect. A 50mm lens works best in this case. It is universal and will make your photos perfect. For smaller rooms, e.g. for photographs in hotel apartments or photo studios, use the 35 mm lens. Using the 85 mm lens you can achieve the effect of fuzzy background and polishing the world behind the model.

  1. Before the photo shoot, drink plenty of water and prepare yourself some light snacks

Comfort of the model during the session is most important. If you are posing, before the session, eat a light meal such as a salad and drink plenty of water. Do not go hungry for a session. Don’t get hungry, don’t get hungry, and don’t get hungry – a lot of stress before the session can make you appetite. Drink plenty of water a few days before the session to make your skin look better and make your body feel good. If you are photographing, provide your model with plenty of water and light snacks during the session.

  1. Don’t forget your hands during the photo shoot

Many people do not know what to do with their hands and arms when posing at a photo session. Use your hands to emphasize your sensuality in a photo. Let the model caress her own skin, touch her mouth, comb her hair or play with her hair.

As a photographer, encourage the model to move her hands, make subtle gestures and use them in the most sexy poses. Hands can really effectively emphasize emotions in photos.

  1. Before the glamour photo session, talk to the photographer about your strengths and weaknesses

Each of us has some complexes within us. It’s better to talk it over before the glamour session to emphasize what you care about most and slightly hide what you don’t like about yourself. Such a conversation can build a great flow, good energy and trust between the model and photographer. 

If you still have a little bit of embarrassment in you, start with the photographer with pictures in your clothes and slowly take off more clothes to show you beautiful underwear and naked body. Don’t worry about the limitations of your body – a good photographer will highlight your natural, true beauty. 

Beforehand, determine whether the session should be in a boudoir or glamour atmosphere.

  1. Use mirrors and minimalist decorations in the arrangement for your glamour photo session

The aura of mystery, drama, story and magic will be created by using mirrors and delicate props. Well-chosen, well thought-out decorations, matching the story, will emphasize the model’s personality. Mirrors in the open air and in the photo studio will allow you to emphasize the qualities of the model, which would not be visible in a normal photo.

  1. Learn the basics of image processing programs – Photoshop or Lightroom

Awareness of how glamour image processing programs work will help you to give guidance and feedback to the photographer during the session. It will be easier for you to find a common language and achieve stunning results faster. Photoshop or Lightroom basics will help you in portrait sessions as well as any other glamour poses.

  1. Read blogs about glamour & boudoir photography

Look for inspiration and knowledge from experts. Keep an eye on what is happening in the industry and use the best. A glamour photo session is time for you, so spend it well and efficiently to make your photos beautiful. One of them is the London Glamour Photography blog

If you want to make an appointment for a photo shoot and show your hidden and everyday beauty, write to me and let’s do it together.

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