How glamour photography can help boost your femininity?
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How glamour photography can help boost your femininity?

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

How glamour photography can help boost your femininity?

What is true femininity to you? The awareness of your own body? Acceptance of your beauty? Emphasizing your strengths? The joy of imperfection? Every lady has “this something” inside. Do you have a look of Marilyn Monroe, Kate Blanchett’s elegance or Audrey Hepburn class? I am sure it can be emphasized on glamour photo sessions. Here is a collection of advice from a professional glamour photographer: how to emphasize your femininity in glamour photos? Let’s do it!

  1. Bet on delicate, natural makeup with red lipstick

Primer, concealer and powder are the basis to hide your imperfections and emphasize your beauty. In addition, the most timeless attribute of femininity: red lipstick. Since Cleopatra’s time, red lipstick has been impressive. If you want to optically enlarge your lips, use a lip gloss, if you reduce it, a darker lipstick without shine. If you can’t find such a strong accent on your lips, make black cat lines on your eyes. This is a super feminine makeup trick – an alternative for girls who want to enchant their eyes.

  1. Emphasize the waist and neckline and put on pins

Another unquestionable attribute of femininity during glamour photo sessions. Flow posing and the sexiest positions in front of the camera lens. Pins that emphasize long, beautiful legs. The pins make the legs appear longer and slimmer and thus more attractive. They add femininity and sensuality. If you want, add patterned tights or stockings. What can you do to make your legs look even better in the pictures? Daily, several minutes dry brush massage.

Your waist is a charm for male eyesight, which you will boast about thanks to dark, sexy lingerie. Perfect lingerie during a photo session is your advantage, so don’t forget about it.

Take care of your cleavage regularly. Exfoliate with your favorite peeling (rather delicate), moisturize (at night even lubricate with the same cream as your face). Choose the right bra.

  1. Choose the perfect jewelry

What do you like? What is your temperament? What motivates you to act? Depending on your diagnosis, match your jewelry and accessories for a glamour photo session. Subtle chains, thin bracelets, pastel colors. These are the ones to emphasize your individual, most distinctive features in glamour photography.

  1. Emphasize your femininity with the best haircut

Beautiful, shiny hair can be our best business card. Before the glamour photo shoot, eat better to make your hair and nails look perfect. Use conditioners with eco-friendly ingredients. Choose the right hair color for your glamour photo session.

  1. Take care of the details of femininity 

Even if you have the best clothes, the most beautiful jewelry and the most wonderful red lipstick, your nails will be bitten and your legs will not be waxed – you will fall for the perfect womanhood. You must be impeccable! While preparing for the glamour photo shoot, make yourself a list of things you need to take care of and approach the task at hand. For example: Mondays – epilation, Tuesdays – manicure and pedicure, Wednesdays – hair mask, Thursdays – face mask, Fridays – full body peeling and so on.

  1. Look for glamour inspirations

Women from all over the world can be a huge inspiration for you. Read blogs about glamour photography and watch photos from other sessions to find the perfect style for you. 

  1. Dare and take the first step – arrange your own glamour photo session

This is your time. Emphasize your femininity during your own glamour photo session. If you are ready for it, write to me and let’s do it!

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