How to choose the right location for your glamour photo session?
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How to choose the right location for your glamour photo session?

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

How to choose the right location for your glamour photo session?

Choosing the right location for your photo shoot has a huge impact on the final quality of your photos and the “wow” effect of the entire shoot. If you don’t want to waste your time, choose a glamour photo shoot location that really knocks your socks off. Find a place that suits you, your personality and your beauty. How to do it? How do you choose the perfect glamour photo session location for your portfolio? I’ll give you a hint as a photographer with extensive experience in glamour and boudoir photo shoots.

Choose a place where you feel comfortable

First of all, it’s about a place where you feel good and look perfect. It has to be a place full of good energy, vibe and style that suits you just right. Perhaps it will be outdoors, or maybe some kind of interior. Maybe we will be somewhere in the forest or on the rocks, or maybe in a room of an exclusive hotel or in a professional photo studio. Maybe it will be old buildings in retro style, or maybe modern, industrial loft spaces? Together we will choose something perfect.

Choose a place that means something to you

Perhaps you have some favorite places that you associate with positive memories? Maybe you have been somewhere where the landscape and aura perfectly fit your ideas about a glamour photo session? Go through your archives, your profile on Instagram and see where you felt the best. Maybe that’s where we should go to do a photo shoot?

Take advantage of natural light in the open air

Nature has its own power that you should take advantage of. Nothing can replace good, natural sunlight, which as a photographer I can use appropriately. All to make your glamour photos the best in the world and all over the internet.

Look for a quiet and peaceful location

Don’t let anything distract you during your magical glamour style photo session. During a glamour shoot you need a lot of courage and feminine power, which is hard to find in yourself in a popular place where there are lots of passers-by or other models around. 

Use online programs to find places for photo shoots

If you still can’t think of anything, take advantage of technology. Online sites such as Google Earth, or can help you find your own inspiration for the perfect location for a photo shoot. Look at where your favourite models and photographers tag themselves on Instagram and go there.

Let me help you find the perfect location for your glamour photo shoot

Benefit from the experience of the photographer you choose. Each location with a different model can be shown from a whole new perspective. Write to me and let’s create something special together. We will determine the scenario and locations for your photo session, which will awaken in you only positive emotions and experiences. I have done over 200 glamour photo shoots, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Let’s just do it!

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