Diet guide: what should you eat before your glamour photo shoot?
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Diet guide: what should you eat before your glamour photo shoot?

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Diet guide: what should you eat before your glamour photo shoot?

Preparing a model well for a photo shoot is not just about having a great outfit and sexy lingerie, good looking makeup and hair colour or perfect feeling. To maximize the great effect of a photo shoot, you need pre-shoot food that will make you look slim, feminine, healthy and elegant. Here is my diet guide for models with the best foods to eat before a photoshoot. This is for girls who want to look beautiful during a glamour photo session or boudoir style photoshoot.

Best food to eat before a glamour photoshoot

The week before a photo shoot is a very important time for your body and figure, as well as your skin and nails. It’s not just genetics. You personally have an impact on how your body and figure looks during a photo shoot. Check out some tips that have helped hundreds of models I’ve worked with so far. 

  1. Eat anti-bloat foods to avoid bloating during your shoot

How to look good and attractive during a glamour photo session? Eat healthy products! Add fennel to your daily meals. It’s a small change, but it will help you significantly. Add citrus, papaya and avocado to your diet. Possibly natural yogurt with live bacteria cultures. If you don’t like them, supplement yourself with appropriate probiotics. Consult your choice with a professional nutritionist or doctor beforehand.

  1. Consume 2-3 liters of water before a shoot every day and use natural diuretics

Keeping your body well hydrated will ensure that you don’t retain excess water, and your skin and nails will look much better in photos. Flow posing requires perfection. Add natural diuretics to make your body better able to handle excess water: tea, coffee, fresh ginger, or citrus.

  1. Limit salt in your diet

Do you like salty snacks, chips, fast food, and processed foods? A week before the shoot, keep salt to a minimum and get rid of these delicacies from your diet. Salt retains water in the body, and that’s not the effect you want, is it?

  1. Eat low carbohydrate breakfasts, lunches and dinners

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates in your diet by half for a few days before a glamour photo shoot. Here you will see every imperfection and neglect in your diet. Excessive carbohydrate intake leads to overweight or obesity, which in turn may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease or diabetes. In addition, with poor oral hygiene, excessive intake of sugars can contribute to the development of dental caries. If you want your body, teeth, and skin to look healthy, limit sugars.

  1. Use snacks recommended by the world’s top models

What do famous models like to eat when they’re getting ready for a photo shoot? Kendall Jenner loves apples and tea. Liu Wen prefers healthy, natural juices. Devon Windsor opts for berries, watermelon and coconut water. Many models prefer bananas, almonds, nuts, healthy fruit and vegetable smoothies or dark chocolate as snacks. Peanut and coconut butters also work well. Get inspired by the best.

  1. Be like a Victoria Secret models

Victoria Secret’s diet plan includes dishes like sushi, chicken salads, fish, and vegetable soups. Mmm, there’s plenty to choose from and it sounds delicious. At the same time, it will help you look good and stay in shape before the photo shoot. Boost your femininity with healthy food. Right now.

Food for the day of the photo shoot

Sip water throughout the photoshoot day, but in small amounts, only when you feel dehydrated. Just before your photo shoot, prepare a combination of moderate fiber carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fat to have enough energy: 20-30g protein, 40-100g carbs, and 15-30g fat.

Are you ready for a glamour photo shoot?

The right diet? It is. Beautiful lingerie? Bought. Perfect locations for a photo shoot? Chosen. Good mood and good energy? They are with us. Then I invite you for a glamour photo shoot – let’s do it together. Write to me and let’s make an appointment for a photo session you’ll never forget. We will discuss exactly the plan and cost of your glamour photo shoot. Everything to make your dreams and assumptions come true.

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