How do I start a modelling career in London?
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How do I start a modelling career in London?

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How do I start a modelling career in London?

Every woman once in her life dreams about becoming a model. Photo shoots, fashion shows, newspaper covers, cooperation with the world’s biggest fashion designers, expressing yourself and your femininity through modeling. And what if it is possible? Would you like to learn something more about the modelling industry and become one of the most popular models in the world? A good place to start a career in modelling is London. I have worked with hundreds of famous models in London and I will give you some tips about “how to become a model in London” theme.

  1. Know your strengths and choose who you want to be

Boost your femininity and show what kind of model you really want to be? Catwalk model, glamour or boudoir model, photomodel? It’s important to choose a specialty early in your modeling career. Your age doesn’t matter. Models start their careers at the age of 12 or even 60. Weight, size, beauty type – there is room for everyone in the modelling industry. Just train at home, go to a few days of model training, try to schedule a coffee with a model you already follow on Instagram and ask her how she’s doing in the modeling industry.

  1. Join a modeling agency

It will be difficult for you to promote yourself as a freelance model in the beginning. Once you make a name for yourself, you can work with the best agent for models in London and get the best deals. In the beginning, join a modeling agency and get your first experience as a model. Here is the list of top 10 modelling agencies in London.

  1. Grow your social media

Brand managers, fashion designers, model agents and modelling agencies all look at how strong your personal brand is. They will diligently check your social media before hiring you as a model. Today, a good, developed Instagram profile with a few thousand followers is a must in the modelling business. In addition to the model, you also need to be a social media manager and promote yourself online. In addition to Instagram, it is worth investing your time and money in TikTok or Snapchat. Tag brands in your posts. Hook up with your favourite brands on Instagram and write them comments. Sign up to online modelling groups at Facebook and repost your photos there. Unfortunately, beauty and skill are not everything. Likes have power.

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  1. Do some photo shoots and prepare a modelling portfolio

Last but not least: good photos! Build an authentic modeling portfolio. A portfolio is your business card and the key to the modelling world. Show your headshots there, full body shots, glamour and boudoir shoots (flow posing) and a variety of poses. With a professional portfolio, your potential clients or agents at a modeling agency have ready, inviting content that they can show to the people who decide which model will appear in their brand’s show or photo shoot.

In today’s reality, an online portfolio is mandatory for every model. Especially if you are planning to develop an international modeling career. Build your own model comp card or business card with the best photos.

Do you want to appear on the biggest catwalks in the world, fashion shows and be a star in the modeling industry? If you want to prepare your own portfolio of a professional model, write to me and together we will prepare photos that will help you make your first steps in modelling or develop your career and improve your personal brand.

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