Does yoga and meditation help you before a glamour photo shoot?
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Does yoga and meditation help you before a glamour photo shoot?

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Does yoga and meditation help you before a glamour photo shoot?

Activity is good for health, including physical health. What is more, there are types of activity that are even therapeutic. Yoga takes care not only of a flexible and strong body. It is also useful in supporting the treatment of depression, anxiety and symptoms of burnout. It positively influences the body’s appearance and mood, which is essential before a glamour photo shoot. Discover the benefits of yoga and start your practice a few weeks before the photo shoot date.

What is yoga?

Yoga is a way for many people to relax and work on their bodies. It requires learning the right techniques, so it can be a bit of a challenge for beginners. More and more models and other celebrities choose this type of physical activity. Under the supervision of trainers, they learn new poses and like to share their progress photos online.

Yoga is a kind of conscious relaxation combined with the practice of mindfulness – concerning the body, breath, as well as thoughts and emotions. By focusing on your thoughts and feelings during a yoga session, you can distract yourself from everyday worries and problems and be “here and now” for a while.

What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient wellness practice that focuses on training awareness, attention, and compassion. Because there are varying practices across cultural, spiritual and religious traditions, there are lots of ways to meditate. Some common types of meditation include a body scan, walking meditation, loving kindness meditation, or mindfulness meditation. 

Yoga and meditation complement each other and allow you to achieve both better exercise and find inner balance and harmony. This is all you need for a professional photo shoot. Yoga practised in this way becomes extremely superficial and lacks its most important function, which is meditation.

The effect of yoga on our well-being before a glamour photo shoot

Yoga has been proven to lower emotional tension and reduce anxiety. We feel better and, interestingly, yoga not only calms us down, but also gives us energy! What is more, yoga helps in the treatment of insomnia, and affects the lessening of pain (e.g. tension pain, rheumatism, cancer). Practising yoga positively influences all levels of psychophysical wholeness of a human being. In the physical sphere thanks to asanas and pranayama it influences the motor, breathing, blood and endocrine system. In the mental sphere, thanks to meditations it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Wondering if this is important during a glamour photo shoot? Of course it is! The stress of posing in front of the camera often shows in the photos. Feeling good and relaxed is extremely important. This is what yoga provides. Practice the day before your shoot and do a short meditation just before your pose.

Effects of yoga on our body during photo shoots

One of the first visible and noticeable effects of practicing yoga is the development of correct posture, which is extremely important during long hours of glamour photo shoots. A model’s body is often put to many tests and it is necessary for it to have a healthy posture. 

Yoga for good model posture during photo shoots

The influence of yoga on the silhouette is enormous. Performing most asanas requires straightening the back and gently withdrawing the abdomen to the spine and lifting the chest with the shoulder blades relaxed downwards. In this way, yoga forces the practitioner to maintain correct posture and influences the figure. Developing correct habits on the mat results in transferring them also outside the mat. Already after a few classes a practitioner will start to feel discomfort by hunching. Shaping the correct posture is one of the most important effects of practising yoga, the more so that more and more young people complain about back pain.

Yoga for slimming = better body appearance before a photoshoot

Furthermore, yoga also reduces weight, and we know very well that a fit and shapely figure is important for a model. Although you have to wait much longer for the effects than in the case of training directly aimed at weight reduction, the results can be more effective and longer-lasting.

Yoga for pressure control = no stress during a photo shoot

Breathing exercises, which are an important part of yoga practice, also have a positive effect on regulating blood pressure in the body. Systematic yoga training ensures better oxygenation and makes it easier to maintain normal blood pressure.

How to start practicing yoga?

There are some people who prefer to start their yoga practice alone at home, others prefer to practice in a group. You will need a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a positive attitude.

When you decide to do yoga you should be aware that it is an activity that requires patience, self-denial and persistence. In order for the yoga practice to be effective, it has to be practised regularly. Daily practice would be ideal, but if you attend classes at least twice a week, you will definitely feel the positive effects of yoga on your body.

Do you love yoga? Let’s have a yoga and meditation style photo shoot!

If, like me, you love yoga and meditation, let’s plan a photo shoot showing off your most beautiful asanas. If yoga has helped you to de-stress and work on your body, the photos will be perfect. Write to me, let’s schedule a photo session and show the world how beautiful you are.

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