Tattoo Boudoir Photography: why are tattoos great for boudoir shoots?
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Tattoo Boudoir Photography: why are tattoos great for boudoir shoots?

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Tattoo Boudoir Photography: why are tattoos great for boudoir shoots?

Should models not have tattoos? Or should they not expose them during a boudoir photo shoot? This unwritten rule is gone, and modeling stars more and more often decide to decorate their bodies with original tattoos.

What is a boudoir session?

A boudoir session aims to immortalise your beauty in a noble, elegant setting. The boudoir photos are taken in refined hotel interiors or in a specially prepared glamour atelier, in lacy lingerie, corsets, stockings and stilettos. Seductive poses and mysterious looks.

How to prepare for a boudoir session?

The most important thing is nice lingerie – the kind you feel good in and like. Lace is highly recommended. Similarly, stockings give a great effect – either self-supporting or with a garter belt. It’s a good idea to take at least two – three sets, maybe more. Choose the right additions too – jewellery, scarves, dressing gowns. Tattoos will be a unique decoration that will influence the character of the photo! They add spice and the photo will show a strong and self-confident woman!

Boudoir photo session – is it a good idea if I have tattoos?

Above all, it is worth making such a session for yourself at least once in your life – as a souvenir. Think how nice it will be in a few or several dozen years to look at your image, which has been professionally immortalized and exposed from the best possible side. Secondly, you will surely gain self-esteem!

Tattoos in boudoir photography

A model should be this tall, this heavy, these sizes, this dress… The list of dictates and prohibitions seems to be long and unrelenting. The industry still says that a model should be neutral, like a hanger on the catwalk and a blank canvas during a shoot or campaign. The girl puts herself in the hands of designers, photographers, stylists and other experts to be able to create the vision imposed by them. Of course today we have such cosmetics and tools in the hand of photo-editing that a possible tattoo can always be covered up. However, it is always better when you do not have to put in extra work.

The 1990s was the golden era of the world’s supermodels, who made dizzying careers and remain modeling legends to this day. At the beginning of the 21st century, the time came for androgynous models, very common and undistinguished.

Fortunately, it is time for a change! Models either opt for subtle versions of embellishments or go all the way, confident of their position in the industry. Cara Delvingne, who has had several tattoos over the past year, is one of the most sought-after faces in the business.

3 reasons why you should show your tattoos at a boudoir shoot

  1. Show your personality 

Well, like any accessory you might bring to the shoot, tattoos are personal. They often tell a story about the person, whether obvious or cryptic that you can’t resist taking a closer look for. They are part of that particular person and so are usually linked to an emotional story, an important event. Since a boudoir session is a very intimate session, don’t hide this wonderful decoration.

  1. Highlighting sensual lingerie

Start by picking outfits and lingerie that show off your art. You can select something with cut-outs to show off a piece on your ribs, a low back to highlight art on your back, or high-cut panties to show off tattoos on your thighs. Think about the colours and fabrics of your outfits and how those can work to showcase your body art. A tattoo boudoir shoot is all about getting creative!

  1. Show your confidence and unique beauty in boudoir photos with tattoos

A boudoir shoot is all about being the empowered, beautiful woman that you are and showing the confident and unique YOU! Tattoos only emphasise who you are. They show your strength and beauty!

A boudoir photo session? You can show the real you – your body, your tattoos, your weaknesses and your strength in one. If you are thinking of making yourself a gift – write to me! I will help you show your unique beauty and your tattoos!

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