5 models blogs that are definitely worth reading and watching
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5 models blogs that are definitely worth reading and watching

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5 models blogs that are definitely worth reading and watching

Apart from work, each of them has her own passions and personal life. They have decided to share them with our readers. So we can take a close look behind the scenes of modelling, meet their loved ones and get inspired by the books and films they recommend. I’ve prepared a list for you of the top 5 model blogs that are really worth following.

A couple of words about the work of a model

The work of a model consists mainly in presenting clothes, accessories or underwear on catwalks, at shows or in photographs. It seems to be an easy and pleasant occupation, which is why most young girls, when asked about their future plans, answer that they want to become a model. Mostly people whose beauty has always been praised and whose figure is impeccable are pushed into this profession. In addition, height, hairstyle or manner of movement are also important.

However, it is worth remembering that many hours of posing, stress before shows, often taking unnatural poses, walking in shoes with sky-high heels and constant observation of outsiders makes this profession difficult both mentally and physically. Therefore, if someone wonders how to become a model, they must bear in mind that the decision should be carefully considered.

5 best models blogs

However, models are not just about fashion shows and photographs. Many of them fulfil themselves on the Internet by running interesting blogs. Check out my top 5 suggestions!

Manu by Manu

Emanuela de Paula is Style -, Health- and Travelblogger.


Her story started on April 25, 1989, in Cabo de Santo Agostinho – PE. She was born in a humble family, from a Brazilian “African / Indian / Dutch” mix. She has had many opportunities in her life to learn the value of money. At the age of 9 she decided to become a model! 

Now she is a model, mother, and integrative health coach. She is also passionate about photography and well-being and believes we all have the opportunity to pursue our life purpose. Her addictive blog, Manu by Manu, takes the travel diary format and gives it a lifestyle twist. You will find beauty tips, healthy recipes and product recommendations.

Bonjour Celem

Clémentine is an oversize model and writes about beauty, lifestyle and fashion.


Clementine Desseaux was born and raised in France. As a child, she was lucky enough to travel regularly to visit family members spread all over the country. 

As the model says: “BonjourClem.com is a view of the world through my eyes and will cover a wide range of stories about people and things that inspire me that I want to share with you. As a model, I frequently have to speak for and represent other brands; BonjourClem.com, however, is a personal project where I’m not representing anyone other than myself – a wild child fresh from France and filled with excitement about everything that surrounds me.”

Nikia Phoenix

This freckled beauty shows modeling work from behind the scenes.


If you have ever wanted to know the ins and outs of the industry or are just curious about a working model’s lifestyle, you have to check it out. And her writing style is so down to earth and engaging you can’t help but to want to be her friend! Nikia is an agent for social change and conscious living. She believes in connecting people to their true callings and reuniting them with their authentic selves.

Coco Rocha

She was discovered in 2002 at an Irish dance competition, but had to wait another four years for her career to blossom.


 In January 2006, she opened Christian Lacroix’s spring collection show in Paris, and Vogue named her the rising star of the coming year. A year later, she became the face of Chanel. he’s graced the cover (and the inside) of countless magazines and has walked for tons of designers. She has a lot of wisdom to share and she’s very confident with her words.

Dania Denise

The Blog of a Model for Models. Diana writes in her blog like in a Diary.


She has grown to be just as passionate about helping others get into modeling as she is about working in the industry itself. This blog provides new, aspiring and established models, words of wisdom, helpful tips, resources, advice, information and insight into the modeling world that not many people care to take the time to share.

The world of modelling can be hard work. However, the blogs I have presented show that it is a truly unique profession with many opportunities. If you want to try your skills in modeling, write to me and let’s arrange a photo shoot together!

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