Glamour photography in VIP locations
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Glamour photography in VIP locations

Glamour photography in VIP locations

Luxury glamour model photography is currently the most popular trend when it comes to sensual erotic photography. More and more women are opting for glamour photo shoots in VIP locations. It’s a great souvenir and way to spend time and boost your femininity, but it’s also the perfect photos for your portfolio as a model, fashion influencer or famous celebrity. Truly premium locations can add prestige, uniqueness and class to your photos.

How to prepare for a glamour photo shoot in VIP locations? How to choose the perfect VIP location for a glamour photo shoot? What makeup, clothing and accessories should you choose? I invite you on a journey to the feminine world of glamour style.

VIP Glamour Studio – the first step to the perfect glamour photoshoot

How to choose the right location for your glamour photo shoot? A good VIP location is essential for perfect photos. Good background, light, elements of interior design – all this is immediately visible in the photos. Exclusive furniture and decorations, used during the photo session, give the photo a higher value. Perfectly designed interiors will be a perfect background for your beautiful body.

Compare glamour photos taken in a regular photo studio with a white background. It’s ok, I admit. But only ok. And you don’t want your body, shapes and charms to be shown off just like that, do you? Your photos need to be unique. That’s why you should choose a VIP location and hire a glamour photographer for your photo shoot.

VIP locations such as hotel suites, luxurious retro-style palaces, modern-style spaces, or off-limits outdoor sessions are premium photo shoot locations to which only the best photographers have exclusive access. Send me your idea for a photo session and I will suggest which of these VIP locations will be best for you.

VIP Glamour Photography Ideas

If you haven’t yet got an idea for a glamour photo shoot in VIP location, you would probably like to find best examples of glamour photography. Industrial glamour photo shoots are currently in fashion. Such VIP locations are very popular now. Photos in luxury high life mansions will always be on top. Every model and every photographer wants to work in such places and the effects are stunning.

What should go into the interior of a VIP location? An outdoor or inhouse pool. A pool table would be ideal. High glass walls to further enhance the space. A glass-enclosed shower or freestanding tub to pose in. A large sofa. A staircase where you can pose in heeled shoes. A small dressing table where we can take beautiful glamour style photos. And of course a huge, bedroom soft bed, where we will present you, wrapped in sheets, rose petals and lights.

VIP Glamour Photo Shoot – how to prepare for it?

Remember to order or choose beautiful lingerie before the photo shoot. Add a sensual shawl or petticoat. Black high heels will definitely come in handy.

When it comes to makeup, on a professional glamour photo shoot it is worth asking for help from a makeup artist. After all, these photos will go into your portfolio later. You need to look beautiful in them. If you are familiar with makeup and want to do it yourself, choose a delicate makeup. Highlight the lips and eyes. 

Just before the photo shoot, eat a light meal, preferably a salad. Drink plenty of water. This will make your skin, hair and nails look beautiful and you will not feel heavy.

As you prepare for your glamour photo shoot, check out and ask yourself 10 questions before the day of your glamour photo shoot.

Premium Glamour Photography in VIP locations

If you are looking for a recommended photographer to arrange a premium location photo shoot for you, please email me. Professional photography in VIP locations in London and beyond is my specialty. Hundreds of models already have glamour photos by Sean Ryan Photographer in their portfolio. It’s time for you, My Dear! Book your photo shoot now!

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