3 unique (Christmas) gift ideas for women: professional photo session!
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3 unique (Christmas) gift ideas for women: professional photo session!

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

3 unique (Christmas) gift ideas for women: professional photo session!

All the time we have perfect occasions to give our beloved women a gift. Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and now the upcoming Christmas holidays. Perhaps another bouquet of flowers or a set of jewelry is no longer enough. We often look for inspiration on how to choose a perfect gift for a woman and we never know what will be the right solution.

Ladies can also make gifts for themselves. Then the following gift ideas can also be helpful. I suggest you a few gift ideas that will win ladies’ hearts, stimulate their femininity, sensuality and finally give them a perfect moment for themselves. Here are gift ideas for professional photo sessions, which will completely change their perception of their bodies and beauty!

Photo shoot at VIP locations

Your beloved woman will faint from the impression. Imagine a magical photo shoot. Prestigious locations such as luxury suites in 5-star hotels, skyscraper rooftops, medieval castles or mansions. Beautiful sensual lingerie and appropriately selected jewelry. Makeup well suited to the complexion, beauty and style of the woman. Perfect day!

Photo shooting in VIP locations can be a really unique experience, which women do not forget till the end of their lives. And exclusive photos in a special casket will be a beautiful gift for a beloved woman or your closest friend.

Sensual glamour photoshoots

A great gift idea can be a photo session on the borderline of eroticism, boudoir and retro style – it is all about glamour photoshoot. Your wife or partner will have a chance to experience a really daring photo session like a professional model.

If this is a gift from you to yourself, there is nothing more beautiful than a sensual photo shoot. It will help you get to know yourself anew and give you the confidence and belief that you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

Location or studio photoshoots

How about combining a unique photo shoot with an overseas trip? I know plenty of beautiful outdoor places around the world where you can go on a romantic trip for two or on a girls’ trip with your girlfriends and realize a location photoshoot there. 

If you don’t have time to travel to another country, a great idea for beginner models who haven’t worked enough in front of the lens is a photoshoot in a professional studio. The specific lights, decorations and photo ideas boost your personality and character.

How can you add additional activities to these gift ideas?

Photo session is not everything. In addition to the photo session, we can add to your gift a meeting and workshop with a stylist, who will tell you how to choose lingerie and clothes for the photo session. Our make-up specialist can teach you how to do your make-up perfectly to look good in the photos. 

Book a photo session as a gift right now!

If you find the above Christmas gift ideas inspiring and you want your partner or friend to experience a unique photo session with a professional photographer or if you want to make a Christmas gift for yourself, write to me! I’ll plan everything and show you my photo ideas on how to enhance your beauty and bring out the best in you, plus have a nice time and a beautiful souvenir of the day!

If you want a truly special Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day or birthday, book a sensual and sexy photo shoot right now!

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