Glamour shoes: how to choose shoes for a glamour photoshoot?
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Glamour shoes: how to choose shoes for a glamour photoshoot?

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

Glamour shoes: how to choose shoes for a glamour photoshoot?

Outfit has an incredible impact on a glamour photo shoot. It is obvious, but how do the accessories (like shoes) fit in? Properly chosen glamour shoes are the basis not only for a good glamour photo, but also for the well-being of the photographed woman.

Glamour photo session – what is it?

This is a very broad category of photography. Its task is to capture and expose the beauty of the posing woman. Nothing stands in the way of using different conventions here, it all depends on the client’s preferences. Photographers offer portraits, boudoir photography or even nudes. Regardless of the chosen type, the common feature is capturing the beauty inherent in a woman.

Women’s photo sessions are not reserved only for models promoting lingerie. Any of the ladies can take part in it. If she is undecided about a particular type of photography, the photographer will easily find the best solution. However, it is worth learning more about the varieties of sessions available. These types of women’s photo shoots are geared towards portraying physical attractiveness and evoking very specific emotions. This shoot can take place outdoors, in a studio or you can opt for a photoshoot at VIP locations.

The power of footwear during photo shoots

What will emphasize more femininity during a glamour photo shoot? The right shoes! And most often it will be beautiful high heels! Stilettos have an inconceivable effect on the mood and self-esteem of every woman. Because a woman in stilettos attracts men’s eyes, as if there was a magnet in these glamour shoes. 

Classic stilettos are simple, smooth pumps with a pointed nose and a thin, sky-high heel. But the “stiletto” heel can be found in sandals, flip-flops, half-shoes, boots and various fancy shoes. Therefore, every woman can choose the perfect shoes for herself. Most importantly, thanks to heels the silhouette seems optically slimmer and firmer, and legs look simply perfect. Pointed heels make your feet look narrower. 

What do stilettos give a woman? First of all, height, although not very tall ladies on a heel over twenty centimeters, strongly distort the proportions of the body. Because the stiletto heel very much elongates and slenderize legs at the same time. Stiletto changes the way you walk. It is no longer possible to walk briskly as in slippers, carelessly as in sneakers, sluggishly as in flip-flops. In stilettos you can walk with a small, alluring step, moving your hips.

How to choose glamour shoes for a session?

A photo shoot is only seemingly simple. Unique shots require controlled poses from the model. When choosing shoes for a photo shoot, make sure they are comfortable. You need to feel confident in them to allow for freedom of movement. If you are not an experienced model and the shoe will be very uncomfortable – the grimace on your face will be visible in the photos.

Moreover, shoes and accessories should coordinate with your makeup and clothes. For delicate lingerie, classic stilettos are the perfect match. However, if you like your outfit to be more intense and your glamour session includes strong make-up and leather outfits for example, high-heeled boots will complete the look.

When deciding on an outdoor glamour session, remember to choose your shoes according to the weather. Even the most beautiful high-heeled sandals will not look good if it is autumn or winter all around.

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