Vintage glamour photography: what does a photoshoot like this look like?
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Vintage glamour photography: what does a photoshoot like this look like?

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www londonglamourphotography com

Vintage glamour photography: what does a photoshoot like this look like?

Vintage glamour photography:
what does a photoshoot like this look like?

Glamour photography has many advantages. The most important one is that during a glamour photo shoot, your size, shape, color, or age does not matter. Every woman looks beautiful in glamour style and overcomes her complexes. It’s shameless photography. I believe that vintage glamour portrait photography will be a beautiful adventure for you and rediscover your body and yourself.

Old-school vintage photography style also has another advantage. It refers to the photos of the greatest stars of the world’s cinema of the twentieth century. During the glamour photo session with me you can feel for a moment like Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, Greta Garbo or Marilyn Monroe. What are the most important features of glamour style in professional photography?

Hollywood old school glamour photography

Vintage glamour photography is your chance to express yourself in an intriguing, romantic and sexy way. Hollywood glamour portraits are contrasting, energetic and highlight your femininity. Natural or artificial lights will create a classic glamour effect. Add to that a soft backdrop, slightly blurred in the background – a beautiful apartment, the interior of some palace or castle, or maybe a wild outdoors. You can have that look and these locations captured perfectly in a vintage glamour portrait shoot.

Vintage glamour make-up and hair

Glamour hairstyles and makeup has its own unique vibe. Glamour style includes elegant curls, long lashes and winged eyeliners. Complement this with fancy outfits and jewelry. Prestige and elegance, but also feminine shapes and the magic of your curves. Images that seek to capture the lost glamour of Hollywood in the 1930-1960s. That is why vintage glamour photography has survived, even though the golden age of Hollywood is long gone.

Vintage glamour photography ideas

In glamour photography there is a place for minimalism as well as splendor and wealth. Minimalist portraits will expose your model’s face, and very erotic photos will create a unique atmosphere. This atmosphere should be supported by old songs during the glamour photo session – jazz and old music videos in the background, to even better penetrate the world of glamour photography.

If you want to achieve a vintage effect, you can add textures to them. Glamour photography and textures will be the perfect old-school combination.

Before the day of your glamour photoshoot it is a good idea to meet with your photographer, such as Sean Ryan, and go over hairstyle, colors, photo locations and your inspirations (e.g. like in this book about Retro Glamour Photography by Mark Anthony Lacy). Look for some vintage glamour pictures, images and stock photos and find your best ideas with support of uncle Google.

Vintage glamour photoshoot with Sean Ryan

Vintage glamour photography is a mood and a state of mind. Each of my glamour photo shoots is customized to reflect your personality and aesthetic, so your glamour photos will be unique. There are no repetitive patterns or ordinary, boring locations. Unique VIP locations, international outdoor locations, top hotels. I’ll get it done. Glamour photography is my specialty.

If you want, I will organize a professional photo session for you – hairdresser, make-up artist, vintage clothes, lingerie, shoes, jewelry and much more. I will show you how to prepare for a photo session and what poses in glamour style will be perfect for your figure and beauty. Contact me and let’s create unique vintage glamour photos.

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