Valentines day photoshoot ideas (not only) for couples!
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Valentines day photoshoot ideas (not only) for couples!


Valentines day photoshoot ideas (not only) for couples!

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year. Valentine’s Day, or Lovers’ Day, is a holiday when we celebrate not only romantic love, but also close family and friend relationships. Spending time together is probably the best Valentine’s Day gift. However, it is worth having an original and romantic idea that will make this day stand out a bit. One of the interesting ideas is to conduct a joint photo session. This does not have to mean renting a studio and organizing expensive professional equipment – with a little preparation you can easily take photos at home, even with the simplest camera.

How to Prepare for a Valentine’s Day Photoshoot?

You need a plan! When I think of a plan, I don’t mean breakneck preparations that take many hours. It’s just about predicting the circumstances of shooting, necessary props and having at least a general outline of the scenario. First of all, it’s worth answering a few questions. Who will be photographed? Where? When? In what circumstances? And finally – what for? This list of questions will be useful before each session. 

The choice of location should be dictated not only by aesthetic but also practical considerations. It’s easy to get carried away with artistic endeavors, imagining a stunning session in the moonlight on a forest glade. Unfortunately, if the weather is not very favorable, your other half may not be thrilled.

If you have already decided on a specific location, remember to think about what you can use as a background and what kind of lighting is there. Here comes the need to answer the second question – when will the photographs be taken? Usually, Valentine’s Day dates are organized in the evenings, but if you want to use daylight, you can start the meeting by taking photos together.

10 ideas for Valentine’s Day photos

  1. Recreate the moments of your first date. Here is one of the most successful ideas for Valentine’s Day. You can recreate the day of your first meeting or first date and take pictures in some places that are important to you. Your favorite coffee shop or walking around the city will help you to take many cool shots.
  2. Daily Routine. If you don’t have a camera, and I’m sure you have one on your phone, you can ask someone to take some pictures of you. It’s a good idea to capture your time together during, even a short, photo shoot on Valentine’s Day. Shots of you eating lunch or breakfast together can be adorable. Remember to make eye contact!
  3. Take a picture with someone you care about…but you don’t usually have the time. Find some time and share a photo valentine with someone you value but rarely have free time. It could be a photo at work with someone you work with. Maybe with your roommate while doing the dishes in the kitchen. Do it for fun first and foremost.
  4. Take a photo with your best friend. Even if you’re not in a relationship right now, that’s no reason to refuse to celebrate and pursue Valentine’s Day photo shoot ideas. You can spend the day with your best friend and take some photos together. You can chromoly the classic hearts and just shoot a photo over a beer.
  5. Have a glamour photo session or boudoir photoshoot. Boudoir photos call for an intimate and sensual atmosphere. This is in perfect sync with the mood of Valentine’s Day.
  6. Take pictures of yourself in a milk bath. Who said that photos taken on Valentine’s Day must be paired? You can make a gift for yourself by arranging a rather unique photoshoot in the milk bath in the VIP locations – castels, apartments or villas.
  7. Natural indoor photos. Make it an indoor photoshoot and take your photos inside the couple’s home or cozy apartment. Bringing your camera into the couple’s space is something that can create an intimate feel.
  8. Take a picture with your pet. Let’s not forget about your pets. Show them your love during a photo shoot and how much you appreciate them being with you. You can photograph them with a flower, at a new bowl or in a cute scarf around their neck. Don’t forget the heart theme. Take your pet in your arms and shoot a selfie.
  9. A rooftop photo in the city at night. This Valentine’s Day photography idea is especially good for residents of big cities. I advise you to conduct such a shooting late in the evening to capture the city lights or during the golden hour to get a soft cinematic light. 
  10. Sunrise is great! Photographic Valentine’s Day for demanding people, so if you can get up in the morning, I recommend it. On one hand you will get photos in very good natural light, on the other hand you can take romantic photos in shadow. Additionally, it is worth going to a town where there are tenement houses and streets are empty. No one will be in your frame.

The technical side of a Valentine’s Day photoshoot

Apart from the ideas, the technical issues of such a session are also important. Since the photographer will be the model at the same time, it will be necessary to trigger the shutter remotely. You can use the self-timer mode, but it is not very practical because it often allows you to take only one picture and, moreover, it requires you to press the shutter button and “reach” in front of the lens. A better solution is a release cable or a remote trigger. The use of a particular accessory depends on the equipment you use. There are remotes and snakes dedicated to all types of cameras, including smartphones.

Valentine’s Day is a day to spend with two people, and a photo session would be a great idea. If you want professional shots – write to me and let’s organize a unique souvenir for years.

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