Glamour photography vs. fashion photography: which is better?
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Glamour photography vs. fashion photography: which is better?

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Glamour photography vs. fashion photography: which is better?

Do you want to prove yourself in fashion photography or glamour photography? You need to know that these are two different types of photography. Determining which one is better will be very difficult. However, I have prepared for you a summary of both cases. Learn the fundamental differences – glamour photography vs. fashion photography!

Fashion photography vs. glamour photography – definition

Let’s start with a definition. Already at this stage you will notice the basic differences. I will also list them below for reasons of clarity. Although, the difference between these two genres of photography is subtle; the viewers appreciate both the versions, provided they are varied and give the complete outlook of the model.

Fashion photography – photographs that aim to depict clothing, footwear or accessories. Fashion photography has become a part of artistic photography. Today in fashion photography there are virtually no standards, guidelines, creators have full freedom in creation and implementation of their visions. Every photograph can be fashion photography as long as we keep its basic purpose – presentation of the product. Professional photos of your clothes or accessories is undoubtedly one of the most important things you need to have in order to boost your online business. Potential customers cannot touch the fabric and try on a particular product, so they have to rely entirely on its pictures.

Glamour – in this However, the photos are constructed in such a way that they do not draw special attention to the buttocks or breasts, but to other elements. Very important in this case are the eyes of the model. Her confidence and sensuality. In case the object of interest is the model. We focus on the person and not the clothes she is wearing. Glamour photos show the attractiveness of the body, emotions. They are often provocative and defiant shots.

Fashion Photography – main objectives

  • Its main characteristic is the adoption of its own aesthetics and composition, where the creations or individual elements of the outfit come to the front, rather than the model or unusual background.
  • Fashion photography is the fastest and most rapidly growing type of photography. Trends in fashion photography change with every season. Every few months along with outfits there is a fashion for specific types of photos.
  • The immediate goal of fashion photography is to draw attention to the featured outfit and then purchase that outfit.
  • During a fashion session very often a whole range of people are involved in particular things – the choice of outfit, make-up, hairstyle, accessories, background.  It is the appropriate presentation that can directly translate into increased profits from the sale of clothing or accessories.
  • This photography process needs more time to accomplish the goal. All team members need to be aligned with each other. The success of the whole depends on a properly selected team.
  • Fashion photo-shoots are generally indoors (with setup of background) and outdoors at VIP locations that add to the overall presentation of the shoot portfolio. Popular locations being beaches, parks, resorts and hill stations etc.

Glamour Photography – main objectives

  • Photography was practiced as early as in the 19th century in France. The photographed object here is a model. We focus mainly on the woman’s sex appeal, the clothing is in this case a complement to the femininity.
  • It is also portrait photography, where the focus is on the physical appearance of the models, especially the face. The emotions that the woman is trying to convey with her posture and facial expressions are important.
  • This is an intimate session. In a very limited setting. Usually a photographer and a model.
  • In earlier days, glamour photography was the type of photography that touched on all aspects of good taste, of luxury, of divine importance and even of the high life. It’s the type of photography that shows the finer side of things. 
  • The most commonly used location for glamour sessions are hotel and luxury spaces.
  • Glamour photos are a staple in the portfolios of not only professional and aspiring models, but also celebrities, stars and other prominent members of society. This is a session for every woman. Regardless of body type, hair color or predisposition.

Whether you are a beginner model or a professional who wants to try something new, glamour photos can be a beautiful addition to your portfolio. They can also be a great gift for yourself or for a loved one such as your partner. On the other hand, if you want to present your products properly, make sure your fashion photos are of the highest quality. In both cases I am here to help you. Write to me and let’s create something special together!

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