Glamour modeling: how to become a glamour model?
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Glamour modeling: how to become a glamour model?

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Glamour modeling: how to become a glamour model?

We live in an era that exudes images more than ever. We live in an age where we will take a picture with our mobile phone and show it to the whole world via social media in a second. Regardless of your age, some of you may be asking yourself “how do I become a model?”. Whether you are 10, 14, 18 or 40, it is never too late to become a glamour model.

Who is a glamour model?

Glamour models are women who possess a certain kind of sex appeal and are not afraid to show off their bodies. Their poses are more sexually suggestive than other models and are usually aimed at a male audience. They are also women who are aware of their bodies. Work not only with their looks but also with the emotions they show on their forms and in their moves.

Do you have to look a certain way?

The first criterion is age. It is said that the earlier you start, the better, which is why debutantes between the ages of 14 and 22-24 are usually accepted into agencies. Remember, however, that a glamour model must be of 18 years of age!

Also important is height, which varies between 175-178 and 182 cm, and measurements closing in on 60 cm at the waist and 90 at the hips. However, these requirements are movable, as plus size fashion is becoming more and more popular, and people with fuller figures can successfully advertise lingerie. Additionally, photo models do not have to be particularly tall, often 171 cm is enough. Other requirements include a healthy complexion, a beautiful smile and well-groomed natural hair.

Modelling is all about the right measurements and a photogenic face. However, it is extremely important to have THAT something. A model must also be very well organised and have the strength to work – photo shoots often last (even!) several hours, during which there is neither time nor place for lack of professionalism. A shapely figure and the right measurements are not enough to start working in fashion. Iron character and a lot of self-denial are necessary in this business.

What kinds of work can you get as a glamour model?

Photos of glamour models are used for commercial use. They can be used for such things as mass-produced calendars, men’s magazines, posters, playing cards and advertisements for a wide range of health and beauty products. Glamour models also pose for lingerie and swimwear presentations. You may find yourself in lingerie fashion shows, a photo shoot for catalogues with erotic gadgets and clothing. But also professional sessions presenting jewellery or perfumes.

Is nudity obligatory in glamour photography?

Some glamour models appear nude, but many do not. It is up to you as a model to decide how much skin you want to show. Obviously, the more open you are to different levels of glamour modelling, the more work you will get, but you should never, ever do anything you are not 100% comfortable with. If you have a contract with an agency, they can help you set boundaries and book work that fits both your comfort zone and your career goals.  Glamour models often appear in skimpy outfits, lingerie or swimwear. This doesn’t necessarily mean that by foregoing nudity, you won’t be able to model in a glamour shoot.

Do you need an glamour model agency?

The modeling agency takes care of the career development of young people who want to develop in the field of modeling. This role consists mainly of promoting an image and finding assignments. For this purpose, however, the model and the model must sign a legal cooperation agreement with the agency. However, some glamour models have the experience and client base to work as freelance models. You can search for orders yourself. You must then work hard on your online image. Ideally, you should start actively maintaining your own social media channels.

The proliferation of the Internet has made many companies look for models on their own, rather than through modeling agencies, as was previously the case. However, it is good for girls who choose this route to remember to create a portfolio and to advertise on thematic portals.

Do you want to become a glamour photo model?

Modelling is quite an unstable job. One year you can work a lot and earn a lot of money, and the next year your career can come to an end. It’s important to have a plan B in mind, a safety net. Fight for your education! If an agency advises you to drop out of school, a red light should go on. No reputable agency expects this from their models. With a high school diploma, you can leave modeling at any time and go to college. If you want to take care of your portfolio – write to me. Together we will create interesting glamour photo shoots.

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