Boudoir’s old Hollywood style glamour & burlesque photography
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Boudoir’s old Hollywood style glamour & burlesque photography

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www londonglamourphotography com

Boudoir’s old Hollywood style glamour & burlesque photography

Boudoir’s old Hollywood style glamour & burlesque photography

Does the boudoir session now connect with what was once presented in the Hollywood golden age? It is undeniable that glamour style and boudoir sessions originate from Hollywood. Remember the photographs of Marlin Monroe. She is undeniably the icon of those years. What are the characteristics of these photographs, is it worth opting for them? Check it out!

Women’s boudoir shoot

A boudoir photo session is a small part of all women’s photography. Small, but so special. A boudoir photoshoot will draw all the sensuality and sex appeal out of a woman. Even if she doesn’t suspect herself of it. Boudoir photographs are subtle, very feminine photographs. Photographs that leave you unsatisfied. Teasing the viewer a little, tempting. A boudoir session is like a woman. Beautiful, mysterious, with many faces. That’s why no two photos are the same, no two sessions are identical. I always bet on individuality.

Boudoir photo sessions are built with the right interior and accessories. They are also built with the right attitude. This is what I always want to take the most care of during every boudoir session.

A boudoir session can also be done in the style of old Hollywood. Black and white portrait photos showing a strong and independent woman, aware of her body.

Characteristics of old Hollywood boudoir’s photography

Hollywood glamour photography has a very specific style that can make your photos stand out in any gallery. In order to successfully recreate the Hollywood effect, specific makeup and hairstyles need to be applied.

Hollywood glamour style portraits are usually very contrasting. They are characterised by lots of dark shadows and very light highlights. The skin of the models is often perfect. They look extremely feminine, without any flaws. The make-up is geared towards emphasising the alluring gaze. The classic black eyeliner is a hit!

Lighting plays an important role in this genre. Most photographers shooting old Hollywood glamour style use artificial light to create a wow effect. Direct natural light can also be used. Such a strong contrast requires proper, powerful lighting. Last but not least, Hollywood glamour style photos are usually black and white.

It is possible to create this look in colour, but use black and white photos. This will highlight everything in the photos. Every little facial expression, curve of the body and properly put together outfit.

Hollywood’s golden age

It was an extraordinary time that created unforgettable stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Humphrey Bogart, Laurence Olivier, Ingrid Bergman, Gregory Peck, Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Gene Kelly and Henry Fonda. It was also a time of experimentation with film technology (in terms of sound, images; recording and playing them back in cinemas), the creation of new genres and increasing freedom for scriptwriters and directors.

Would you like to take part in a boudoir session?

Remember, good portraiture is not about size; it’s about being the best you can be.

Many of my clients tell me that they are not photogenic. But believe me, when you see yourself in the mirror, with makeup on, hair done, in a beautiful dress, lingerie, you feel so much more comfortable. It changes everything. And when you feel comfortable, the pictures look good. You don’t have to stress about it.

The most important thing in preparing for a boudoir session is to have good contact with the photographer. He or she certainly knows more and can advise on many things. After all, a conversation with the photographer before the boudoir session is essential. You have to get to know each other. You need to understand each other’s photographic expectations.

How to keep you session a secret from your other half?

Many people want to keep their glamour or burlesque photo shoot a secret, so I’ve got some clever ideas for you to explain where you’ll be and why you’re so dressed up!

  • “I got a free makeup/haircut at an Ulta event/ (or at the mall)”.
  • “My friend wanted to experiment with makeup/hair techniques she had just learned”.
  • “I tried out a new makeup/hair thing I saw on Youtube”.
  • “I had a lunch date with friends and went shopping”.
  • “I wanted to get dressed up for a date with you”.
  • “I’m working on a surprise for you – no questions asked ;)”.
  • “I’ll tell you when I give you the surprise I’m working on, soon”.

Boudoir photo sessions are exceptional sessions. Both for the model and the photographer. I think that every woman should have one at least once in her life. Give yourself a chance to feel special. Prove to yourself and sometimes to others that you can do more. Let yourself be sensual, let yourself be tempted, let yourself be seduced, let yourself be happy. To enjoy your femininity and then watch it in wonderful photographs. So I invite all the ladies in front of my lens. Conact me – together we will create a unique and only yours boudoir session.

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