10 items to wear for your glamour photoshoot
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10 items to wear for your glamour photoshoot

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

10 items to wear for your glamour photoshoot

What to wear for a glamour session? This is the most frequently asked question when you schedule your session. There truly is no right or wrong answer to this question. No matter what you wear, you will look sexy as long as you feel sexy. However, a glamour session has its own few key elements regarding clothing as well. What are those elements? I’ve compiled the answer in the article below. 

Lingerie for a glamour session

The most important thing is nice lingerie – the kind you feel good in and like. Lace is highly recommended. Similarly, stockings give a great effect – either self-supporting or with a garter belt. It is good to take at least two – three sets, it can be more. On the spot together we will choose one or two best styles.

It is good if not all sets were in one color – usually the classic black dominates, but it is also worth taking white or colored underwear. Bring garters and stockings. They are sexy and will highlight your amazing legs. If you’re going to wear them, make sure you get ones with elastic so they don’t slip off your legs.

What accessories for a glamour session? 

Besides lingerie, which is the basis of the outfit for the session, it is worth taking as many accessories as possible. Sometimes shoes appear on the session – it is best to take with you stilettos, which will extremely emphasize the body, especially the buttocks. In addition, they slenderize the entire figure.

 The session often starts with more “dressed up” poses, so it would be a good idea to have something elegant and boudoir that would match the session’s atmosphere – a robe (preferably satin, silk or other material pleasing to the eye), a bedspread, a kimono, a sweater with a wide neckline or unbuttoned, an unbuttoned shirt or even a fur coat – it all depends on what you can find in your closet and what you feel good in.

Corsets are a great option that will make your waist look narrow. If you are smaller than a C cup, be sure to buy ones with a built-in bra so your chest doesn’t look flat. 

Clothes for the glamour session 

Remember that a boudoir session is not just about nudity and skimpy lingerie. The sexiest thing is what is secret and inaccessible. Great shots will be obtained when a part of your body will be covered, for example by an airy linen shirt. For fans of stronger effects a leather jacket will be a good solution. Casual clothes, such as blouses, jeans or shorts, are a great choice if you want a more casual look. A simple white strapless shirt is versatile and can be matched with many different things!

Jewelry for a glamour session

Bring pearls and diamonds to your photo shoot. These are the perfect accessories that add charm to your photos. You can easily change the look of your outfit by changing the accessories. It is best to collect several sets of jewelry with you from chains to earrings. Bracelets will also be a good idea. 

What else is important during a glamour session?

A feminine and sensual model image is also created with the right make-up and hairstyle. As far as the hairstyle is concerned, you may decide on relaxed or even messy hairstyles with straight or slightly wavy hair. A casual ponytail or chignon also works well. For boudoir shoots, neatly arranged or fancy updos are not recommended. Your hair should look as if you are getting ready for bed or just woke up.

The most important thing, however, is that you feel confident and comfortable in front of my lens, so wear what you like the most. Above all, take with you a positive attitude and good mood, because they are the basis of a successful session.

Photos from a boudoir session are a great souvenir for both women and men, because men are also increasingly willing to take part in them. Many women also decide to give gifts in the form of such photos to their partners. They are very intimate and it even happens that they help to rekindle feelings and passion. If you are thinking about taking part in a boudoir session, it means that you are ready for it. This can be a very valuable experience for you, so don’t delay, just start preparing right away. Write to me and let’s create something special together. How many times have you thought you’d like to have photos like your favorite TV star? Unleash your beauty, the chance for such photos is closer than you think. Contact me right now – I will look into your soul and show the world that a star has more than one name!

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