8 questions to ask when hiring a glamour photographer 
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8 questions to ask when hiring a glamour photographer 

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk COPYRIGHT 2022

8 questions to ask when hiring a glamour photographer 

When you start working with a glamour photographer, whether you hire them through an agency or approach them directly for a photo shoot, it’s a good idea to prepare the questions you want to ask them. We can ask the photographer questions in a variety of ways, through a phone call, messenger, social media, email, or a meeting. I assume that when choosing a glamour photographer, we know her/his style and experience, so I eliminate the obvious questions like: How long have you been photographing and what is your style of photography? Because in our busy world we don’t rather meet random people with whom we want to cooperate. And this is so important, which is to create a souvenir for life.

  1. What is their photography style?

Some glamour photographers like bright and airy photos, while others like dark and moody photos. There are also photographers who direct all poses and are very precise about the appearance of their subjects. Other photographers are more casual, editorial, and capture images as they happen, with minimal input. It’s worth finding a photographer who not only edits their images in a way you like, but also manages the session in a way that suits your way of working. 

  1. Will photos with our image be published somewhere? Can I publish my images?

Photos or behind-the-scenes sessions with your image will be published only if you agree to it. You should also include this in your contract. 

  1. What kind of tools do you use for post-processing?

Post-processing is very specific to individual photographers, and can be daunting for beginners – so if you’re struggling in this area, it’s worth asking this question.You can start by identifying the software the photographer uses, but then go deeper. Ask about specific tools and techniques. Find out if it enhances color, imperfections, and light. 

  1. What is the payment structure?

It’s all about how much you pay and when. Most photographers require a deposit upon signing the contract. This is how you book your session date. The remaining amount must be paid around the time of the session. Different photographers ask for different amounts and at different times, so make sure you know the schedule and totals.

  1. Who will be present on the glamour photoshoot day?

A glamour session is a very special moment. This amazing and intimate experience should be private. The people in charge of hair and makeup will usually arrive early and by the time you start posing, they are already off site for the session. A professional photographer will not have more people on site than necessary, so if you are unsure, ask. Once the session has started, I personally drive everyone out. I want you to focus on you, your important moments, and help me create the most stunning photos! 

  1. Will you guide me during a glamour photo shoot?

You are not a professional model who has spent years perfecting their craft in strange and body contorting poses, and a professional will understand this 150%. A great photographer will guide you through simple poses, where to put your hands, where to look, etc. If you feel more comfortable being prepared before the shoot, you can collect questions about the poses for the photographer and email them. Most photographers have guides with tips and tricks to help their clients feel comfortable and better prepared for the day of the shoot. All professional photographers will know how to help you pose, suggest your best sides – yes, we all have best sides – and remind you to have fun!

  1. Can you help me choose what to wear? 

Some photographers offer closet consultations, others have lingerie guides with suggestions, others may work with a local lingerie store where you can get a personalized fitting, and still others may have a lingerie closet in their studio. Whatever your photographer offers, it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident in your closet choices before your session. So ask how your glamour photographer can help you!

  1. How many clients will you be photographing on the day of my session?

Some glamour photographers only schedule one session per day, which allows for a more relaxed atmosphere, which can be important if you are nervous or this is your first boudoir session. Some photographers schedule one morning session and one afternoon session on the same day, so there may be another client coming or going.

Remember that the day of the photo shoot is an important event and you need to feel as comfortable as possible at that moment. So if you have any questions just ask your photographer. Thinking about a glamour photo shoot? Don’t hesitate to ask me questions! Write to me and let’s create something unique together!

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