6 myths of glamour photography debunked by the glamour photographer
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6 myths of glamour photography debunked by the glamour photographer

GLAMOUR PHOTOGRAPHY 2023 by Sean Ryan - www seanryanglamourphotographer co uk

6 myths of glamour photography debunked by the glamour photographer


Do you often hear about doing something for yourself but the opinion of others makes you hold back? I think every woman should consider a glamour session for herself. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and myths that sometimes pester or embarrass girls and stop them from arranging a session.  That’s why I decided to debunk the most common myths about glamour photo shoots!

1# Myth: A glamour session is pornography. 

We start with one of our most common myths. Sometimes we may encounter a rumor that a glamour session resembles a pornographic session. Nothing could be further from the truth! We want to evoke an emotional response to an artistic representation of beauty.  It is all about sensuality. Glamour photography is far from being tacky. It is not at all necessary for a woman to appear in lingerie. You can be dressed in a sweater, ball gown or shorts and a t-shirt. Photos can be in strong or soft focus, semi-nude or fully covered. You can also opt for an elegant outfit. 

#2 Myth: When deciding on a glamour session, you must have the perfect figure. 

False, false and false again! A glamour session is for every woman. For tall, short, bony and oval shapes. This type of women’s session is aimed at presenting physical attractiveness and arousing very specific emotions. And physical attractiveness is what every woman has. The role of a good photographer is to show it properly. Too many women wonder at their flaws: stretch marks, scars and rollers. The truth is that these things are not just a part of you that you are stuck with. They are part of your beauty! You can’t hide it and glamour photography can show your “flaws” in a beautiful way. 

# 3 Myth: A glamour session is only for brave women. 

A glamour photo session takes place in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. It is important to trust the photographer. This ensures that even the most shy person will perfectly find herself during the session.  Not to mention that standing in front of the camera and seeing the beautiful results will make you feel empowered and strong – something every shy person needs!  A good photographer completely takes over styling, posing and directing, so your nerves don’t even have to think about it. 

# 4 Myth: You need a man to whom you can give your photos.

Let’s stop here for a moment: you don’t need a man to do anything in your life. So why shouldn’t that also be true for glamour photos? This is a chance for you to appreciate your femininity – with or without a partner. If you want to discover and impressively document yourself as a strong, powerful, beautiful, feisty woman. Many women can fall in love all over again after such a session.  They feel sexy, strong and radiant.

#5 Myth: For a glamour photo session you need expensive clothes.

This is a big myth. Hunt for promotions. Search the internet.  You’ll be surprised how many beautiful options are out there for a reasonable price. A glamour session doesn’t have to involve expensive lingerie and expensive outfits. Wear what you will feel attractive in. Maybe it will be your favorite black dress or a comfortable lingerie set. 

#6 Myth: Glamour photo sessions are very expensive.

A women’s session may be a bit more expensive than a standard family session, but you also organize such a session much less frequently. This is an investment in yourself, and while you don’t want to break the bank, this is not the time to go bargain hunting. Finding a photographer you trust and who has an amazing portfolio should be your first priority. 

Just like any other industry, glamour photography has its share of myths and misconceptions. I am truly proud to say that I am in an industry that is making its mark in a powerful way by celebrating femininity! Therefore, if you are still wondering whether it is worth it to decide on a photo session I suggest – do not wait and write to me and together we will create something really beautiful

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